10 French Tip Nail Ideas That Are Trending RN

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When you think of a white button-down, what comes to mind? A classic piece that can be styled in dozens of ways? A French manicure is just like that. It is a trusty staple that never goes out of style, but sometimes, it is just too plain and needs to be reinvented. Many nail art pros, nail polish brands, and celebrities (Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa—just to name a few fans of the style) agree, so French tip nail ideas have been all over Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest, making a serious impression on us all. #influenced

Whether you’re more interested in neon than the neutral base and white polish classic we have seen over and over or you want to switch up the shape and size of your tips altogether, get inspired by these 10 French tip nail ideas that are on-trend and Insta-worthy versions of the classic French manicure.


1. Double French

By painting a contrasting thin line below your French tip, you instantly elevate your manicure. Match the second line to the color of your tip or choose another color—totally up to you!



2. Rainbow

Rainbow French tips are so bright and happy, they will make you smile every single time you look at your nails. Is it because they will remind you of Care Bears? Probably.


Olive and June

Summer Set


3. Earth Tones

Using earth-toned shades will make your French tips more natural and simple. We love soft blue, army green, light pink, chocolate brown, and burnt orange for this look.



4. Hearts

Who said all French tip nail ideas had to be curved? There are no rules here. Mix up the traditional shape with a heart—or two or five.



5. Deep French

Deep French manicures have been all over the internet since Kylie Jenner started showing off hers on Instagram. They are just like the French tips we know and love, but they are thicker and start mid-nail.



6. Glitter

Ditch plain white tips and add some sparkle instead. There are so many sparkle nail polishes to choose from, but I am partial to gold and silver because it feels oh-so classy.



7. Multi-colored

Can’t decide what color to pick? You don’t have to. This is one of the French tip nail ideas that you can have the most fun with, so pick all of your favorite shades and go all out.


Olive and June

The Summer Set


8. Neon

A bright shade of yellow will make you stand out in a crowd in all of the trendiest ways. You can choose any neon shade, but there is something about yellow that screams, “I’m here for a good time!”


Amazon | Duri



9. Neutral

If you want your French tip to be neutral but not the same old shade of white, opt for a subtle shade of brown or beige instead.



10. Black

Feeling edgy? A black French tip is the way to go. Keep the line a little thinner for an edgy yet minimal look.



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