Game-Changing Office Essentials That Make Working 10x Better

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As long as you have a computer, a surface to set that computer, and some sort of seat, you’ve got yourself a functional workspace. But for a workspace that is actually comfortable for 8+ hours a day and helps you be your most productive self, you’re going to need a bit more than the bare minimum. As someone who spent the first several months of my new WFH lifestyle working from a combination of my couch and dining table, I know this all too well. Take it from me, these office essentials are truly game-changers to make work more convenient, productive, and—dare I say—enjoyable:


1. A desk that works as hard as you do

A desk can be so much more than simply a place to set your laptop. If you’re considering an upgrade from your basic big-box store desk, I can assure you that investing in a high-quality, fully-equipped desk will be so worth it. We’re partial to the desks from Branch Furniture (we’ve even got them in The Everygirl’s Chicago office!) because of the stain-resistant work surface and sleek design. Opt for the built-in charging ports or spring for the standing desk to make your workspace even more comfortable and convenient.

Branch Furniture

Office Desk

The MDF top makes this desk resistant to impact and stains, so you don't have to worry about that coffee spill ruining the surface. The steel frame provides extra sturdiness, while the flared legs make it a stylish addition to your work setup. Customize it with in-desk power and a variety of finishes to make it your own.

Branch Furniture

Standing Desk

This standing desk lets you find and save the perfect height so you can seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. The stable foundation prevents wobbling, and the low-decibel motors ensure it rises smoothly and quietly.


2. A laptop stand to encourage better posture

Unsurprisingly, sitting hunched over your laptop all day isn’t great for your neck and shoulders. If you work primarily on a laptop, save your spine with a stand that boosts your screen to the proper height. This simple tweak will encourage you to sit up straight and hopefully leave you less achy after the work day is done. 


3. A seat cushion that can make any chair comfortable

An ergonomic chair is truly the best way to make your workstation as comfortable and posture-friendly as possible, but if you’re still on the hunt for the right one or saving up for the inevitable splurge, a supportive seat cushion is the next best thing. Look for one made from memory foam that can conform to your body, and add in a lumbar cushion as well if you need some extra support.


4. Headphones that will block out any distractions

Whether you work full-time from home or regularly commute to an office, noise-canceling headphones are absolutely office essentials. Especially if you’re dealing with noisy roommates or an environment that’s full of distractions, being able to block out sound can help you stay focused and limit interruptions. If you frequently take work calls, choose headphones with a built-in microphone so you don’t have to take them off.


Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

7 colors available


Surface Headphones

2 colors available


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

3 colors available


5. A coffee mug warmer that keeps your cup at the perfect temp

I’m the person who makes a cup of coffee, takes one sip approximately every 20 minutes, and inevitably has to reheat it at least three times before I finish it. If you have a similar tendency to forget about your coffee until it’s cold, a mug warmer is about to be your new favorite desk essential. Choose a self-heating cup that keeps contents at the ideal temperature or go for a warming plate that works with your favorite mug.


Temperature Control Smart Mug

3 colors available


Coffee Warmer for Desk

5 colors available


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