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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Marvel Studios, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

5 Girls’ Night Out Ideas That’ll Make You the Unsung Hero of Your Group Chat

Three girls taking a selfie over a graphic of a movie film strip"
Three girls taking a selfie over a graphic of a movie film strip
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

When your girls’ night out plans finally move out of the group chat and actually come to fruition, nine times out of ten they probably involve some version of dinner and drinks. And while that’s a perfectly fine way to spend an evening catching up with your besties, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. In fact, I once read that our brains are attracted to novelty, and we are more inclined to have stronger memories of events when they involve trying something new.

Ever since, I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to making social plans. Sometimes, it’s as simple as trying a new type of cuisine or exploring a different part of town. And at other times, it’s a little more adventurous…like glow-in-the-dark kayaking under the light of the moon. Since it’s hard enough to find a date that works for everyone in your friend group let alone agree on a restaurant, I’ve got you covered with five out-of-the-box ideas for a girls’ night out that are sure to make memories that stick.

1. Catch an action-packed flick at the theater

Going to the theater to watch a film feels like an outright luxury these days, especially since many of us usually stream movies from our couch. Not to mention, watching a movie in a group setting just hits differently, whether you’re laughing communally, booing the bad guy, or sitting on the edge of your seats together. And honestly, where else do you get the opportunity to eat your weight in butter popcorn and concession stand treats?

If you don’t have a G.N.O. on your cal in the near future, I highly suggest adding one ASAP to go see “The Marvels” movie, which is in theaters right now. It’s the first film in the Marvel comic universe to ever feature a trio of all-female heroes (plus it was directed by a woman). Judging by the trailer, this sequel to “Captain Marvel” has no shortage of high-action superhero sequences, but it also has lots of humor sprinkled throughout as well. I absolutely love the strong, fearless female energy this film gives off and think it would be a perfect one to go see with your girl gang.

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels | Official Trailer


2. Try a sip + script class

You’re probably already familiar with the “sip and paint” concept. Well, a “sip and script” class is very similar in that you get to learn the ancient art form of calligraphy while sipping on tasty cocktails. This company holds calligraphy events nationwide and focuses on teaching you how to letter specific items like envelopes or place cards. Who knows, you may even discover that you have a few hand-lettering queens just waiting to be unleashed in your friend group. And bonus points if any of you happen to be getting married soon because you’ll be able to crowd-source the calligraphy duties for the invitations.

3. Have your auras read

While you might have already gone with friends to see a psychic, chances are you probably haven’t had your auras read yet. And you might even be wondering WTH is an aura? Essentially, it’s the dominant color that surrounds your energy field—aka what kind of vibe you’re giving off. By having yours read, it can help you see if your energy may be misaligned with your overall life goals. In the same way that palm readings and psychic fortunes can open the door to juicy conversations, I can only imagine the memorable topics this might spark among your group post-aura-reading.

Female hand holding a pink crystal over scattered tarot cards
Source: Mikhail Nilov

4. Pamper yourselves at a bathhouse or spa

Nothing beats indulging in a little R&R while also catching up with your girlfriends. Many spas or bathhouses have communal areas where you can lounge together, soak in a hot tub, and blissfully sip on flavored water while you whisper and laugh about the latest episode of “Real Housewives.” Sometimes, it’s just nice to enjoy some peace and quiet…together. Especially when it involves covering your eyes with cold cucumbers.

5. Take a French cooking class

Say oui if you love French food but have zero idea how to make it. Even if your friend group is mostly composed of take-out speed dialers, taking a classic cooking class together can be highly entertaining. Not only can you pick up a few French techniques and recipes that you can recreate in your home kitchen, but you’ll also get to enjoy the fruits of your labor by feasting on the meal at the end of the class. And if you end up burning the béarnaise sauce, at least you can laugh about your faux pas together.

This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Marvel Studios, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.