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12 Fun Things to Do to Beat the Heat During the Hottest Months of the Year


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activities for hot summer days"
activities for hot summer days
Source: @goodtomicha
Source: @goodtomicha

Maybe it’s my rising Aquarius energy, but I’m the kind of person who can sit outside on a 90-degree day with a good book and plenty of water without batting an eye. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll break a sweat while doing so—I just won’t be bothered by it. What can I say? Nothing makes me happier than clear blue skies and scorching temperatures. I know I’m the minority in this sentiment, so for those of you who don’t love the heat as much as I do, I’ve got some ideas for things to do during the hottest months of the year that won’t make you miserable. Whether you’re looking for affordable choices, at-home options, or unique experiences to fill your free time with, these 12 activities for hot summer days will help you beat the heat this July and August. 


1. Host a game night

Grab a deck of cards, a handful of board games, and invite some of your favorite people over for game night. This is the perfect way to spend a hot summer evening without breaking a sweat (unless you’re playing Monopoly, in which case, bring a handheld fan to stay cool). Go all out with a fancy charcuterie board and delicious appetizers complete with summery drinks, or keep it simple and order pizza and have everyone BYOB.


meditate at home

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2. Meditate

In case you haven’t heard, meditation is very, very good for you. It cultivates happiness, protects your inner peace, increases productivity, and improves your relationships. The best part is that you can meditate literally anywhere, and with plenty of online tools and resources out there, learning how to meditate is easier than ever. Use a free guided meditation on YouTube, or level up your wellness routine and download a wellness app like Open or Saged to get started.


3. Browse the aisles of your local library

The library is a seriously underrated summer hideaway—it has free WiFi, AC, computers, DVDs, and tons and tons of reading material. Get away from the heat and spend some time wandering the aisles of your local library. As you browse, make it a goal to check out some promising books you’ll be able to read during your free time.


4. Check out a new ice cream parlor

Ice cream and summer are practically synonymous, and what better way to beat the heat than by visiting a new-to-you ice cream parlor? This will give you a chance to get out and about and reward yourself with a delectable frozen treat. If you’re up for it, swap your usual flavor choice for one of the parlor’s most popular flavors to try something new.


activities for hot summer days

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5. Get wet

An activity that involves water is always a good idea during the hottest months of the year. Spend the day at a water park with your besties or head to a local swimming pool and take a refreshing dip. Likewise, if you’re hosting a summer party, have a water balloon fight or DIY your own adult slip ‘n’ slide. If the beach is close by, grab a chair and pack a bag complete with plenty of SPF, snacks, water, and entertainment. Whether you plan to meet up with friends or relax all by yourself, head out early in the morning to beat the heat. 


6. See a movie at the theater

Movie theaters are notoriously freezing, which makes them the perfect place to shield yourself from burning temps. Find out what’s playing at your local movie theater and grab a couple of your friends or take yourself on a solo date. Be sure to go all out and purchase candy, popcorn, and soda at the concession stand for some childhood nostalgia.


7. Paint and sip party

Tap into your creative side with a paint-and-sip party. You can host your own at home by yourself or with a few gal pals or find a local workshop near you. Either way, this will give you an excuse to stay inside in the AC as you unwind and paint something gallery-worthy you can hang in your home.



8. Have an at-home spa night

Nothing’s more relaxing than indulging in some self-care after a long, hot summer day. Take an everything shower in cool water and follow it up with some deep moisturization. From there, throw on a pair of lightweight PJs, tie your hair back, and treat yourself to a splurge beauty treatment, like an LED light mask or your fanciest skincare products. Make it extra special with a cold glass of rosé, candles, and a relaxing playlist.


9. Go ice skating

Although most of us wouldn’t normally associate ice skating with summer, an indoor ice rink is actually an ideal place to be during July and August. Think about it: It has to be cold in there or else the ice will melt. Plus, ice skating is a fun way to get in some movement without breaking a sweat, which means it’s also perfect for a first date—you won’t have to worry about your hair frizzing or makeup melting off in the summer heat.


10. Plant an indoor herb garden

Nothing feels better than planting, tending to, and growing something from scratch. And with an indoor herb garden, you’ll get all of the glory without the grunt work. Find a windowsill with ample sunlight and start with a starter set complete with pots, seeds, and soil disks. You still have time to grow some herbs to cook with before summer ends!


Visit a museum - activities for hot summer days

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11. Visit a museum, aquarium, or art gallery

Staying cool is the name of the game during this time of year, and there are tons of great places to do that while taking in some culture. Visiting a museum, aquarium, or art gallery will get you out of the house and give you the chance to learn something new. If you want to save money on tickets, find out if discounted passes are available on certain days or through services like Groupon.


12. Head to a comedy or karaoke bar

Everyone loves a good outdoor bar during the warm weather. However, patio sitting is less fun when it’s 90 degrees with 90% humidity to boot. When it’s too hot outside, head to a comedy or karaoke bar with your favorite people instead. You’re all but guaranteed some entertainment and good drinks, minus the sweating.