Here’s How to Nail the Granny Chic Trend


Granny chic — yes, it’s a thing. Before you start rolling your eyes at me, hear me out. This trend can be seen on fashion bloggers and street style stars everywhere these days, and after digging in to this seemingly random idea, I realized I might already be nailing this trend and didn’t even know it.

I’m fully applauding the fact that right now, many in the fashion industry are standing behind powerful women free of too tight, too small clothes. And, call me an old lady, but I wholeheartedly agree with the writer from Vogue that recently said, “it’s cool to dress with a sense of subtle, practical beauty.” 

To make this look feel new and now, pair it with pieces like well-fitting tees, vintage scarves and jewelry, and classic shoe silhouettes. Belt a blazer or tie a scarf around your bag handle to make this trend your own. This look is definitely more for the playful, quirky style types, but you can infuse certain aspects into your own style depending on your granny interest level. 

Read on to see which pieces (you might already have some!) make granny chic the coolest and comfiest trend you didn’t even know you loved. 


A Top Handle Bag

Source: The Golden Girl Blog

Medium-sized and perfectly structured, a top handle bag worn to the front of the body is the ultimate granny accessory — and I’m so into it. While you can go basic and neutral here, make it your own by opting for a fun hue or metallic or tortoise accents. The good thing is that it’ll fit all your stuff, just like it did for Grandma.



Accessorize With Crystal

Source: Front Roe

Crystal accessories? Sign me up! It’s a welcome change from all the acrylics and clays I’m seeing right now and feels grown up with a side of whimsy that I can totally get behind. Be it earrings or a brooch, detail is key to getting the look. 



A Checkered Blazer

Source: Fashion Jackson

This might just be your best bet for testing out this trend. Look for a boyfriend or oversized style in a darker check. Layer it over your denim, or mix and match with a smaller pattern on a dress or midi skirt. It’s classic, easy to wear, and an ultimate wardrobe staple — no matter what your style. 



Large, Round Glasses

Source: @kateogata

Well these are fun. Classic black, electric purple, marble white — you name it, it works. The key here is the circle shape. It’s a little bit funky, and oh-so-chic. 



Oversized Coat

Source: @mylittlebooktique

Think boucle, checkered, or colorful — brooch not totally necessary, but fully accepted. The oversized coat is a staple of this trend, and when you think about it, it makes sense. Gram is always cold, and a big(ish) coat is there to keep her warm. I love the idea of styling an oversized coat with winter midis, maxis, and boots. It’s sensible, chic, and feminine.