ATTN Spooky Gals: The Halloween Decor Inspiration You’ve Been Waiting For

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There are two types of people in this world: those who decorate for fall and those who decorate for Halloween. In my opinion, there is no in-between. You are either thinking, “Sure, I’ll place a few pumpkins on the porch and switch to a seasonal dish towel,” or you’re thinking, “If it’s not spooky Halloween decor, I don’t want it.” If you’re a die-hard Halloween fan, I have good news: It’s time to show off your dark side.

Halloween decor has hit the aisles—and online catalogs—of all our favorite retailers, and the inspiration we’re seeing across the internet is scary good. From chilling front porches to creepy tablescape accents, here are the Halloween decor ideas we can’t stop thinking about and what you need to get the look:


Creepy Front Porch Decor

Keep everything dark this year. Opt for black pumpkins, metal or wired lanterns, flameless candles or string lights, and broom-and-hat accents that let everyone know the witch is in town. Whether you have a large front porch to decorate or a smaller stoop at your apartment, these decorations will undoubtedly show off your spirit.

Halloween-Inspired Tablescape

Are you inviting people over to entertain? Make sure your tablescape celebrates the season. We love the warm fall tones and subtle hints of Halloween on this dining room table. Recreate it with candle holders, mini pumpkins, spooky glassware, and a dried bouquet. Tombstone table settings with your guests’ names are optional but highly encouraged.

Spooky Coffee Corner

If you ask me, mornings are frightening enough without Halloween decor. But we might as well lean into it this time of year, right? A few pumpkins, ghost coffee mugs and glassware, and a skeleton in your kitchen are fun, aesthetic accents to add to your coffee corner. 

Pottery Barn

Ghost Mug

Etsy | moontidecreationsco

Ghost Glass

Eerie Sideboard Accents

I hope your house isn’t actually haunted (yikes). But, you can make it appear haunted with a few simple additions. If you don’t have a sideboard, that’s no problem. You can arrange these decor items on a mantle, bar cart, side table, or anywhere else you want to add a haunting touch. 

Halloween Living Room Decor

Candles, candy, and cozy vibes? Sign me up. Your living room is the perfect place to mix comfortable yet festive blankets and pillows, yummy fall candles, and creepy-crawly accents like bats or spiders. This fall, catch me cuddled up on the couch streaming Hocus Pocus 2 in my living room.

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