Fall Decor Inspiration You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

Let’s be real, there really isn’t any better feeling than the first leaf of autumn falling from a tree and instantly getting you in the mood for the next few months. There are pumpkins everywhere, hues of golds, orange, greens, and tans, and a chill in the air that makes you want to cuddle up with a book or movie next to your fireplace (or arrangement of candles, for those of us who wish we had one). 

Whether you’re a girl who lives for Halloween and all the spooky decor that comes with it, a pumpkin, gourd, and plant lover, or a minimalist who is still excited to incorporate fall elements to her home, we’ve got you covered. Here are some easy ways to decorate your home for the coziest time of the year to make it your fall sanctuary, where you just can’t help but want to spend all your time – because honestly, like the rest of the animals this season, you’re getting ready for hibernation too. So grab your favorite mug, fill it with some hot cider or cocoa, and get ready to be inspired!


Front Porch




Basically everywhere you go once the first leaf of autumn hits the ground – the grocery store, a craft store, your local farmer’s market, or literally any orchard/pumpkin patch/cornfield – you will undoubtedly find a plethora of gourds galore. Definitely take advantage of these fun and funky-looking pumpkins and adorn them all over your front porch! We love the mix of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that the ones lining up this rustic white stoop has. Also, throw in some of those gorgeous fall-hued mums that are also in season (and super inexpensive at your closest greenhouse, Home Depot, or Lowes), and you’ll be set for the most inviting entrance ever!


I don’t know about you, but this front porch screams ~Sanderson Sister chic~ to us with the three classic witch hats! It can feel frustrating to figure out how to incorporate fun Halloween decor while keeping it minimalistic and elegant, but this porch does that effortlessly. The use of the corn stalks is also a very creative touch that you don’t see as often as you see other forms of fall decor, and the symmetry with all of the items really helps streamline the whole look.


Source: @bailing2boise

A white and black front porch makes for such an ideal blank canvas to create whichever sort of air you want to go for this season. This one makes use of a combination of polished classic fall in the lower half with the arrangement of contrasting pumpkins and candles (we recommend going for a fake candle option for safety), and then some fun spooky flair in the top half using the bat decals and spider. It all gets tied together with a fun fall wreath, which you can reuse for years to come if you get a faux one!


Source: @alabasterfox

A good doormat can often get overlooked, which is why we are in love with this festive jack-o-lantern and bat one! Such a fun graphic with a pop of color is definitely hard to miss when placed in front of your entrance, and you’ll be sure to get a smile out of every visitor who steps foot into your home.

Front Entry


Source: @mrs.alonzo


The next thing people will see after your fabulous front porch is, of course, your fabulous front entry. A creative new way to use wreaths (especially those fresh ones that could be prone to getting damaged by the elements) is to hang them on the inside of your front door! This polished wooden bench is also a great way to add some texture and functionality to your entryway and is easily adaptable to use year-round. Lastly, the seasonal quote on the letter board ties the room together and definitely puts fall on our minds!

Transform Any Room with Decorative Bats


Bats are really having their moment this year for being the cutest, yet chicest decoration for spooky season! We love how the bats are arranged to be looking as if they are in motion.

Say Yes to Skeletons


Skeletons are definitely not just for the science classroom anymore. These ones are perfect to add to your front porch and adorably make it look as though they’re just two friends having a good time! It’s a great idea to experiment with using your decorative skeletons in various scenarios, and with a setup like this one, it’s more fun and less “scary” for when the kids come by for trick-or-treating.

Dress Your Mantle

Source: @scscurlock

This mantle screams cozy to us, and we love the use of faux light green and gold pumpkins to add a delicate and feminine touch to the area. It’s also a great example of how to incorporate pastels and non-traditional fall colors into your fall decorations, with the violet and pink flowers peeking out. A classic stringed hanging (with the neutral pumpkins in this scenario) always adds a bit of festivity while remaining refined.


Here’s another example of adding a fall wreath to an unexpected place: a mirror! Just because you have a large mirror on your mantle, doesn’t mean that you can’t add more embellishments to it, like this wreath and that gorgeous gold bowl full of smaller gourds. Placing a few bright orange pumpkins by the fireplace will also make it pop with all the warm tones and create a whole atmosphere of pure comfort.

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Chunky Throw

World Market

Tote Basket

Never Underestimate Strategically Placed Pumpkins

As mentioned earlier, everywhere you go is overflowing with charming assorted pumpkins, and, of course, you should bring them inside your home as well. We love the mix of the lighter shades that add an airy fall vibe to this stairwell. To keep it interesting, mix the tiny pumpkins with some medium and larger ones, and it’ll add a whole layer of dimension and make this the centerpiece of your home!


Where better to add pumpkins than the heart of your home: your kitchen?! Having exposed shelves is the perfect place to prop some in between your cups and plates. If you don’t happen to have exposed shelves, another great alternative is to arrange some mini pumpkins along the top of your cabinets or around your kitchen sinks.



A Few Small Touches

Source: @dtkaustin



Source: @styled_byabs


Truly, it’s the little things that really get you in the mood for the season. Maybe you’re someone who shares a living space or doesn’t necessarily have the time and/or means for intricate decorations. This darling Halloween mug is a perfect way to make your eyes and your taste buds (with that delicious fall drink filled in it) excite you for seasonal happenings! Other ways to incorporate smaller festive accents are fun plates and bowls, a cozy blanket, some faux flowers, and of course, candles.

Low-Key Autumn Accents

Source: @domsli22



For those who love the autumn aesthetics but might not be into big Halloween decor, or just like to maintain a minimalistic design while still keeping with the season, incorporating moody colors like tans, taupes, olive greens, and metallics is a great middle ground. Adding some natural elements like reclaimed wood chairs/benches and some free-flowing vine plants is also a good way to make any room feel like a serene and homely fall oasis.


As much as we love overflowing cornucopias of pumpkins, sometimes, less is definitely more. Having just two to four pumpkins is a great way to add some fall details to your already stylish space without changing up the entire atmosphere of it. We love the trio of colors shown here, and another great subdued option is to have a few different shapes and sizes of the same colored pumpkins or gourds (for a chic monochromatic look)! Either way, arranging a couple of these will add a wonderful air of fall to your home.


Source: @keely.mann


Source: @kimmyintx

Cozy cold-weather vibes can easily be achieved with the addition of some textural elements. That’s why having these faux plants as a centerpiece on your coffee table (or even as side table embellishments) is an ideal way to add a natural touch to your living area without having to sacrifice neutral tones and sophistication.