Hailey Bouche

Associate Editor
As an Associate Editor for The Everygirl, Hailey works with the team to create content across the entire site. You can find her writing and updating stories as well as working alongside editors throughout the creative process.
  • Location: Buffalo, New York
  • Education: University of Florida
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If asked to pick her favorite topic to read or write about, Hailey would not be able to simply pick one. Everything from wellness to culture interests her, but she gets especially excited to create original, relatable, and honest content on the topics of self-care and healthy living.

If she’s not going on about her famous four-ingredient peanut butter cups, she’s probably letting you know what new feel-good series or movie you need to watch on Netflix. With all that in mind, her top goal is always to inspire and encourage readers to create a life that they are proud of and feel good about it along the way.


Hailey started a lifestyle blog in 2017 and has been in love with writing and creating content for readers to find and soak in ever since. She taught herself everything she needed to know about publishing stories and creating opportunities for engagement during that process which helped her land jobs in digital marketing, podcasting, and online media.

While Hailey attended The University of Florida to receive her bachelor’s degree, she continued to put her passion for writing at the forefront. Throughout the years, Hailey has honed in on developing the skills and creativity that it takes to turn her dream into a career.

Fun Stuff

From snowy Buffalo, New York to sunny Sarasota, Florida, and mountain-high Fort Collins, Colorado, Hailey’s zip code has changed quite a few times over the years! With that said, she spends a lot of time on airplanes visiting friends and family. Whether she is in Buffalo cheering on the Buffalo Bills with her besties, visiting her friends to brewery hop in Fort Collins, or flying to the beach to hang out with her family, she loves having a trip to look forward to (despite how long it takes her to pack.) Besides that, she is working on perfecting the chocolate chip cookie, spends way too much time on Pinterest, and has a cat named Albus.

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