21 Halloween-Themed Recipes to Make This Weekend

Halloween is here! This means, according to Mean Girls, it’s the one day a year when a girl can dress however she wants and no one can say anything about it. But it’s also the one day a year we can eat all our favorite candies and sugar-filled foods without anyone saying anything (sorry, I don’t make the rules)—kind of a win-win.

There are thousands of Halloween recipes out there, so we’ve done some of the work for you. Whether you’re craving some monster cookies, a themed drink, or even a Halloween cheese board, we’ve got you covered. Time to turn on your favorite spooky movie and get cooking with these delicious Halloween-themed recipes.


1. Gluten-Free Candy Bar Monster Cookies 


2. Ginger Blood Orange Margaritas 


3. Halloween Candy Cupcakes 

Source: A Night Owl


4. Pumpkin Rice Krispies 


5. Halloween Sangria 


6. Mummy Hot Dogs 


7. Vegan Witch Finger Cookies 

Source: Detoxinista


8. Witch’s Brew Smoothie 

Source: Detoxinista


9. Halloween Cheese Board 


10. Halloween Pancakes 


11. Halloween Brownie Truffles 


12. Ghosts in the Graveyard Dessert Shooters


13. Halloween Chocolate Cookies 


14. Mummy Oreos 


15. Casper’s Cocoa Mix 


16. Halloween Chocolate Bark 


17. Halloween Banana Popsicles 

Source: Well Plated


18. Halloween Chex Mix 


19. Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Fruit Tray and Dip 


20. Spooky Baked Halloween Chips 


21. Mini Spider Pizzas