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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Fresh Avocados  Love One Today, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

I’m a Health Coach and These Are the 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

written by JOSIE SANTI
Source: @josie.santi
Source: @josie.santi

When it comes to my wardrobe, I’m a sucker for budget finds, and I keep my beauty routine somewhat minimal. But wellness essentials are my kryptonite. I have tried just about every supplement, technology, and must-have that pops up on the internet or is recommended by doctors. I have a budget specifically for all of my health and wellness necessities, and have been known to spend over that on one too many occasions. And while I love a good sauna blanket or red-light therapy device as much as the next girl (sure, call me extra), there are only a few things that I literally use every single day. And the best part? They’re all worth the investment, easy, and convenient. Read on for the five wellness essentials I can’t live without:


1. Nutrient-dense fruits like avocados

We all know that avocado toast had its moment, but this Instagram-favorite fruit has always been a can’t-live-without item for helping me live my best life. Whether it’s in a salad, smoothie, or mashed into a delicious guacamole, avocados are extremely delicious and versatile. Fresh avocados are a good source of fiber, have naturally beneficial fats, and provide other nutrients that help me feel my best. My trick to making healthy decisions is to always have nutrient-dense snacks on hand so I’m not just reaching for the closest bag of junk food when hunger strikes. I love avocados sliced with salt and pepper, mashed into a dip for veggies and crackers, or blended with cacao into a chocolate pudding. If you’re looking for avocado-centered recipe inspo, look no further… check out this FREE handout featuring delicious avocado-based recipes inspired by a Mediterranean-style of eating!



2. Oversized water bottle

Not to brag, but I’m really good at drinking water. It’s taken years, but I have trained my body to constantly crave hydration—I really feel it if I haven’t had enough water during the day or if it’s been greater than 20 minutes since I’ve taken a sip. No matter if your most toxic trait is bragging about how hydrated you are like me or if you can never remember to drink enough, my best hack is using an oversized water bottle. Think about it: The biggest struggle with drinking water is getting up to refill when you’re sitting at your desk all day or not getting enough water in while you’re on the go. When I upgraded my basic, wimpy bottle to a 64oz tumbler, my hydration levels transformed. Now, I drink enough water because I don’t have to keep getting up from my desk to refill, and can bring enough with me on the go to stay hydrated throughout the day. Trust me: Your hydration goals have never been easier to reach.


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3. Dedicated journals

Full transparency: Yes, I am a health coach/wellness editor, and have therefore been telling women to journal ever since I can remember, but it’s taken me a while to actually get into a journaling habit myself. I write all day every day, so the last thing I was tempted to do on my off time was–you guessed it–write. In the name of health, I’ve tried making lists of what I’m grateful for or following guided prompts, but it never really stuck because it felt more like a mindless routine or item on my to-do list than a genuine self-care practice.

But at the end of 2021, I learned about manifest journaling and something clicked. Now, I have a dedicated journal just for manifestation practices, which encourages me to keep up the practice much more than when I used the same notebook for all my brain dumps, notes, and attempted journaling. Additionally, I’ve been using journaling as a way to connect with and document specific nutrition and wellness goals which has been such a game-changer for me. I started looking at journaling as a rehearsal for how I wanted to live my day and a way to shift my energy instead of looking at it as something I was supposed to do.



4. Ice roller

Another confession: I run puffy. I will wake up after even a full eight hours of sleep and not even recognize my reflection because my eyes are overpowered by severe under eye bags and my jaw and cheekbones have gotten lost in all the puffiness. Enter: my go-to ice roller. I’ve tried a lot of different techniques, but ice rolling is the one practice that I can’t live without. You might have seen this affordable and popular tool on social media and it’s well worth the hype. Massaging with an ice roller proved to be an instant de-puffer, plus it takes very little time or effort (which is an automatic win for me). Ice-rolling can reduce puffiness and redness in the skin and can help boost circulation. I also use it on my neck and temples when a headache is coming on for immediate relief. Try a roller, put your favorite facial massage tools in the fridge, or just use an ice cube if you’re in a pinch.


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5. Ankle weights

Historically, I’m a trendy-workout-studio-only kind of girl. My best motivation comes from mood lighting and loud music, and I’m a sucker for any entrance or studio that has an Instagram-worthy neon sign or floral display. But I had to drastically shift my idea of exercise when the pandemic hit and all my beloved studios shut down (taking their neon signs with them). One of the best purchases I bought during the first week of lockdown was a pair of ankle weights. I used them as you would expect (around my ankles for a workout), but I also put them on my wrists to work arms and started wearing them on walks just for an added challenge. Cut to two years later and they are my go-to wellness accessory, whether I’m cooking dinner or taking my dog outside. A light pair of ankle weights is one of the easiest hacks to work on strength without even trying.



This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Fresh Avocados — Love One Today, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.