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Bored of Your Wellness Routine? Here Are 8 TikTok Wellness Trends You Can Try at Home

written by JOSIE SANTI
Source: ColorJoy Stock
Source: ColorJoy Stock

Another day, another TikTok trend. I have a love-hate relationship with this app because it introduced me to feta pasta and pancake cereal, but I can also waste hours of my life scrolling through the explore page without even realizing any time has passed (I used to have hobbies!). Love it or hate it, there is some good that TikTok has brought to my life: updates to my wellness routine. If you are bored of your workout schedule, need new go-to recipes, or are just looking for some overall updates, the secret might just be the app that brought us the Renegade dance and whipped coffee. Bring out your main character energy and try one of these eight wellness trends from TikTok. 


1. 12-3-30 Workout

@laurengiraldoGame changer honestly♬ original sound – Lauren Giraldo

This workout method that went viral might just be your new go-to. Originally shared by influencer Lauren Giraldo, the “12-3-30” workout is as straightforward as it sounds: Set your treadmill to 12 percent incline and three miles per hour, and then walk for 30 minutes. As for why the method went so viral? TikTokers swear by it for a number of reasons, from being sustainable to helping them tone up. Especially if running feels intimidating or you don’t have more than half an hour to fit in a workout, you might want to hop on your treadmill and see what all the buzz is about. 


2. Liquid Chlorophyll

@sakaralifeA must try springtime detoxing refresher ##sakaralife ##chlorophyll ##chlorophyllwater ##fyp ##plantbased♬ LoFi(860862) – skollbeats

Let me flex for a second and say that I’ve been a chlorophyll stan way before TikTok was a thing. Personally, I notice a huge difference in my skin and energy levels when adding drops of the green stuff into my water. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants, and liquid chlorophyll is a supplement you can take to get the antioxidants and nutrients from plant chlorophyll. For more information on chlorophyll, click here, and always talk to your doctor before adding a supplement to your routine. 


3. Cloud Bread

@linqanaaa1 YEAR! ##foryoupage ##fypシ ##fyp ##itsanaaa ##myroutine ##foodietiktok ##cloudbread ##anniversary ##foodtrauma ##eggwhites ##nothinggoestowaste ##celebrating♬ Morning After – LLusion

I could watch TikToks of cloud bread all day long (and I seriously mean all day long). The DIY bread that’s made out of only egg whites and corn starch (and whatever other additives you want to adjust the flavor) is taking the internet by storm. Not only is it easy to make and falls under popular diets like paleo or keto, but it is also insanely satisfying to watch the egg whites get so freaking fluffy. Nutritionists and food-tokers have even been turning cloud bread into pizza by topping it with sauce and cheese or making DIY cupcakes by adding sugar to the batter. 


4. Push-Up Challenge

@kev.the.nexusReposting one of my most viral videos! 😊 ##fitness ##kevthenexus ##foryou ##duet ##viral ##fyp ##plankchallenge ##workoutchallenge ##pushups♬ original sound – ᴀʟᴇx ʀᴀɢᴇ🐲

Leave it to social media to turn the exercise series you did in P.E. class into a full-blown viral challenge. Even Carrie Underwood tried it—and nailed it—so you know it’s good. Started by fitness trainer Kevin Edmonson, the challenge is basically following his moves (including push-ups, planks, and arm reaches) to the music and fitting in every push-up by the end of the song clip. If your workout routine is starting to feel mundane, millions of viewers and a killer song might be enough motivation to push yourself. 


5. Nature’s Cereal

@natures_foodnature’s cereal ##fruit ##fruits ##share♬ original sound – 🥭Fruits & Leaves🍃

I love a fruit bowl as much as the next girl, but I never thought I’d go so far as to call a bowl of berries and pomegranate seeds with coconut water “cereal” (I love my Cheerios, OK). The trend started when a health blogger and content creator called his fruit bowl “nature’s cereal,” but the trend blew up when our queen Lizzo tried it for herself (and admitted she was addicted). Consider this trend wellness editor-approved because topping fruit with coconut water has become a go-to of mine (but TBH, I’d do anything to be more like Lizzo). 


6. Salad Jars

@sweetpeasandsaffronSo here’s the deal with jar salads… 🥗 ##jarsalad ##mealprep ##lunchtime ##foodtiktok ##healthyrecipes ##saladtok ##foodtok♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Watch your back, bowls: Salads have found a new home, and it’s way more attractive, convenient, and useful. Layering your salad ingredients in mason jars is trending, and it’s not just because it’s so Instagram-worthy. If you’re packing your lunch or prepping salads ahead of time, mason jars just make sense. Think about it: You can put wet ingredients on the bottom, and dry ingredients (like lettuce) on the top so they don’t get soggy. When you’re ready to eat, simply add dressing and shake. You’ll have a perfectly crisp salad—with evenly distributed dressing—every time. 


7. Hot Girl Walk

@cearakirkmy take on the ##hotgirlwalk! (Originally by hot girl @exactlyliketheothergirls but my spin on it 🤓) ##hotgirlsummer ##walk♬ Juless Edits – Shou

Megan Thee Stallion coined the term “Hot Girl Summer” in 2019, and in 2021, we have ourselves the “Hot Girl Walk.” Spoiler alert: It has absolutely nothing to do with what you look like and everything to do with confidence. The idea is basically to add four-mile walks into your routine to not only get some exercise and fresh air but also to work on your confidence. Many fans even call it a manifestation practice. For the entirety of the walk, you’re supposed to think about three things: what you’re grateful for, how hot you are, and things that you want to achieve. Now that’s a walk I can get behind. 


8. Becoming “That Girl”

@.becomethat.girlbecome that girl with me. we start tomorrow. follow to join our journey. ##thatgirl ##fyp ##4u ##foryoupage ##follow ##like ##aesthetic ##monday.♬ Seaside_demo by SEB – SEB

I have a love-hate relationship with TikTok, and I also have a love-hate relationship with the “Becoming ‘That Girl'” trend. You might have heard sound bites saying “this is your sign to become that girl” or seen a series of clips showing a glow-up to “that girl.” So who is “that girl” and why is TikTok obsessed with her? While many “Becoming That Girl” TikToks portray waking up early, going to the gym, drinking green smoothies, and meditating, I think “that girl” is really just the best version of ourselves, whatever that looks like. While many TikToks portray a certain type of “girl,” try this trend by becoming the best version of you, no matter when you wake up, what you eat, or how you take care of your mental health. Identify what makes you happiest in life and then practice those things every day. And if you happen to record the process for a 30-second TikTok that goes viral? It’ll be an added bonus.