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This post contains a sponsored mention of obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

10 Ways To Feel Healthier by Tomorrow

Source: @christineleee
Source: @christineleee

You already know that true wellness is a longterm investment. There is no quick fix to weight loss, gut health, lowered cortisol, stronger muscles, or any other health goal. However, while you may not be able to heal your body overnight, you can care for your body now in ways that can make you feel a little more energized, happier, less bloated, or overall healthier by tomorrow.

Whether you have a special event this weekend that you want to feel your best for or you’ve been indulging a little too much lately and just feel blah, you can start making small changes that add up to big differences right now. Especially when I get out of my healthy routines, I like to focus on what I can do today to make myself healthier for tomorrow, instead of focusing on massive changes that will take weeks or months to accomplish. Because when you focus on how to feel better each day, one day becomes two days, two days becomes a week, and before you know it, you truly feel better than you ever have. Read on for 10 foolproof ways to feel healthier by tomorrow.


1. Move your body

If there’s one tried-and-true way to get you out of a slump, get those endorphins pumping, and launch yourself back into a routine, it’s most definitely taking some time to move your body. I’m not talking about sprinting a marathon or deadlifting the weight of a middle schooler. I mean any movement–going for a walk, stretching, doing a yoga flow, having a solo dance party–can make you feel more energized, and boost mood and digestion. 

When it comes to fitting in whatever movement I’m feeling (even if it’s just squeezing a workout in with a 10-minute class), I love using obé Fitness. On the days where I’m getting back in the swing of things, I like to take things light with a Detox Yoga Flow class to help me reconnect my mind and my body or a Pilates class that, I can say from experience, will literally make me feel more toned by tomorrow. On days where my body’s craving more movement, I love a more challenging workout like an hour-long Power Hour that’s guaranteed to make me sweat or Cardio Boxing when I’m really trying to get my heart rate up. And because obé offers a variety of classes and class lengths, I can truly tailor my activity to my schedule in a way that best serves my energy levels and interests. Use code EGYEAR to get one year of obé fitness for $99 ($70 off)!

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Use code EGYEAR for one-year access to obé fitness for just $99 ($70 off)!

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2. Go grocery shopping and stock your fridge full of healthier options that you love 

It’s a lot harder to make healthy nutritional choices when you wander on over to your fridge and find that it’s quite sparse, with the exception of a few half-empty hot sauce bottles, expired yogurt that you need to toss STAT, and a singular packet of shredded cheese that doesn’t serve as a nutrient-dense snack or meal on its own. But when your fridge is packed with healthier options that you love, mindful snacking and creating meals packed with protein, micronutrients, fiber, and all of the good stuff will help you have more energy, feel fuller for longer, and make reaching for non-nutritious options a little less tempting.

And while we’re on the topic, if you’re like me, probably stray away from the toxic trait of getting into a health kick and adding a bunch of wellness-guru-glorified foods that I have high hopes I’ll like, but realistically won’t (I’m looking at you, arugula). If you hate kale, don’t add kale to your grocery cart. Instead, opt for healthier options that you already know and love to set yourself up for success and to make healthy eating something that you actually look forward to.


3. Practice meditation

I’m no meditation expert (cut to scenes of me sitting cross-legged on my living room floor, mind wandering to the time that I said “shake a tower” instead of “take a shower” in a meeting). But as your resident non-expert meditation-dabbler, I can confidently say that even attempting to meditate helps me clear my mind of any ruminating negative thoughts, calms me, and makes me feel like I can tackle just about anything.

I find that my meditation practices are most successful when I opt for guided meditations as opposed to winging it and doing it on my own (I’ll get there one day!). My coworker swears by obé’s P.M. Breathwork class, and for me, it was honestly a gateway course into their entire meditation section. I love how they take the guesswork out of something that feels totally out of my league, and I know that the time I’m spending will be more intentional and less of a self-guided journey that’ll inevitably lead to me daydreaming of what I’m eating for dinner tonight.


4. Focus on hydration

When I’m trying to feel healthier ASAP, one of the easiest and most immediate things that I do first is pour myself a hefty glass of water in an effort to get back on my hydration game. Staying hydrated is definitely a challenge for me (my toxic trait is thinking that drinking any liquid—including coffee and soda—suffices when, in reality, my choices in beverages quite literally dehydrate me). It’s simple, it’s effective, and getting back on track with one of the most basic of nutrients can help to set you up for success for a better tomorrow.



5. Prepare a nutrient-dense meal

Listen: I love pizza, pasta, and chicken nuggets as much as the next person. And while I never shame myself for eating foods that bring me joy, I can’t deny that after I eat them, I don’t always feel the greatest. Time and time again, I eat the fast food that sounds good and afterward, sink into the woes of feeling sluggish, bloated, and ready to slip into a food coma.

The key for me is to prioritize meals that are healthy and also taste delicious. For so long, I heard “nutrient-dense meals” and thought “green, leafy salad.” That’s great for people who love salad. But I have never craved a salad. I’ve definitely tolerated salad, but craved? Mmm, not so much. And that’s OK, Instead, I’ve realigned my mindset to hear “nutrient-dense meal” and let my mind wander to soups, power bowls, chicken and veggies, chickpea noodles, salmon, and a bunch of other nutrient-dense foods that also sound delicious.


6. Set goals for tomorrow and for the rest of your week

For me, setting goals is easy, but sticking to them is another story. And part of the reason that I find myself falling short of my long-term goals is that, in all honesty, I don’t prioritize the smaller-scale goals that are crucial to staying accountable and making the long-term goals stick.

It’s the short-term, manageable goals that help us achieve consistency and gain confidence, and in the spirit of feeling better by tomorrow, putting pen to paper and jotting down goals that I can achieve right now are absolutely key. Whether it’s meal prepping veggies for the week, drinking more water, or meditating, tackling smaller and more attainable goals is the secret to developing and maintaining better routines and will set you up for success when it comes to crushing your long-term goals.


7. Meal prep a healthy breakfast for tomorrow

Part of being better tomorrow is setting yourself up for a better tomorrow, and meal prepping is one of the best ways to get a head start on making healthy choices more mindless. A lot of times, I find myself feeling great and wanting to make healthy choices, but other factors like lack of time, lack of motivation to cook, and cravings get in the way. Whenever I have healthy meals meal prepped and ready to roll, the barriers to eating healthy are lessened and I’m less likely to fall into the last minute “get fast food delivered” trap. When it comes to meal prepping, pre-planning your breakfasts can be a great place to start. Prepping breakfast ahead of time is such a great hack for starting off your day with a bang, even if you prioritize the snooze button tomorrow.



8. Take time for yourself to reset and recharge

Unplugging is crucial when it comes to setting yourself up for a better tomorrow. In a busy world of competing demands and maintaining relationships, taking those peaceful moments to rest and recharge can feel few and far in between. Finding an activity that relaxes you isn’t indulgent, it’s necessary–especially when it comes to managing stress levels and (in turn) lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, improving concentration and mood, and having a positive effect on energy levels. So find something that fills up your cup and do it. In the name of having a healthier tomorrow, intentionally relax with an episode of Love is Blind, a snuggle sesh with your pup, a chat with a friend, a warm bath, or a dance party to your favorite song. 


9. Stretch before bed

We all know the importance of stretching before and after our workouts, and whether or not knowing is enough of a motivator to actually do it doesn’t minimize the fact that stretching is an important component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even on the days when working out isn’t an option or if sweating doesn’t align with your shower schedule (truly the ultimate activity deterrent), this is your sign to not skip the stretch.

In the interest of relieving tension, counteracting the effects of sitting all day, and improving the overall health of the body, take 10 minutes of your evening to stretch. And doing a specific before-sleep stretch like this Bedtime Stretch from obé Fitness is a perfect way to move your body in a way that’ll help you relieve tension and wind down. Want to save $70 on your obé membership? Use code EGYEAR to get a one-year membership for just $99!

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Use code EGYEAR for one-year access to obé fitness for just $99 ($70 off)!

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10. Get a full night of rest

If there’s one tried-and-true way to set yourself up for a healthy tomorrow, it’s to hit the sheets early and to avoid any and all temptation to scroll on TikTok into the late hours of the night (we’ve all been there and paid the price the next day). Also, make time for a full nighttime routine to properly unwind and relax, and create a relaxing environment in your bedroom (you can go all out with dim lighting and diffusing lavender oil, or you can simply put away the pile of laundry that might be subconsciously causing you stress). If you’re looking to take on tomorrow with higher energy levels, a better mood, and improved concentration levels, go to bed early and aim for seven to nine hours per night. 



This post contains a sponsored mention of obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.