How to Make Your Puffer Coat Look Effortlessly Cool

  • Copy and Graphics By: Madeline Galassi
  • Feature Image By: Beretta/​Sims/​Shutterstock

When it come to trends, it isn’t often that what’s in coincides with what’s actually functional. Usually you have to make some kind of sacrifice to your comfort to really pull off a trendy piece, but an exception to that rule has miraculously happened this winter. Enter: the puffer coat.

No, a puffer coat isn’t exactly known as a fashion statement; they’re practical and necessary. But the fashion Gods have decided that in 2021, puffer coats are also on-trend.

Throwing a puffer coat on is usually the last step in a getting-ready routine; you throw them on top of whatever you decided on wearing and call it a day. But now, we’re styling our outfits around our puffer coats, instead of vice-versa—and the result is an effortless coolness that will keep you both warm and stylish until the first day of spring. 



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