July Horoscopes: What’s in Store for Your Zodiac Sign This Month

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR

Summer’s in full swing now—that means it’s time for pool parties and reading at the beach with a frosé in your hand. And along with all the fun in the sun, your July horoscopes are here to let you know what to expect this month.

The month starts off during the emotional and introverted Cancer season. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like going out that much because you’ll be shedding your sweats and slippers for a sparkly outfit toward the end of the month when Leo season arrives.

Here’s what your July will look like.


The Month at a Glance

July 5: Mars enters Taurus on July 5. With the planet of action going into this stable sign, you might feel more inclined to plan ahead and get into a routine. On the same day, Mercury enters Cancer, which might have you wanting to let everyone know exactly how you’re feeling

July 13: There’s a full moon in Capricorn on July 13. This is a great time to finish up any work you’ve been putting off because the energy of this moon is full of workaholic vibes.

July 17: Venus enters Cancer. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and Cancer is a super emotional sign, so you can expect to really be in your feelings around this time.

July 18: Mercury enters Leo. This is a little preview of Leo season (which starts later in the month). You may speak before thinking during this time, or you could have more public speaking or presentations.

July 23: Leo season begins on July 23. Get ready to socialize and dress to impress.

July 28: There’s a new moon in Leo on July 28. This moon ends July with a bang to get everyone ready for August when Leo season is in full swing.



For most of July, you’ll feel like staying home and spending time with family. You might also be reorganizing your house or getting ready to move. Around the middle of the month, you could have more going on with your job, or you could be leaving for a new position. And with this happening during Cancer season, which is highlighting your home life, you could be starting a new position that allows you to WFH. At the end of the month, you might be feeling more creative, and you could be doing some DIY projects around your house.


picked just for you, Aries



Communicating will be important for you during July. You might want to let someone know how you feel about them, especially around the middle of the month, when your ruler Venus moves into Cancer. You could also have more work related to speaking or writing, like creating a presentation at your job, or you might be reading more. Around the full moon in the middle of the month, you might be finishing up these comms projects. When Leo season starts, you might be talking to family members more often, or you could be signing a contract for a new lease.


picked just for you, Taurus



During Cancer season, you’ll be more focused on money and work. You might be selling clothing to make some extra cash, or you could be thinking about ways to increase your income. But you also might spend more during this time and find it difficult to resist shopping. You could get a raise at work or start a new position with a higher salary. You could also receive money from your family or from something you’ve invested in. When your ruler Mercury moves into Leo, you could find that any communications projects go super smoothly. At the end of the month, you might also be working on creative writing tasks at your job or wrapping up some of the work you’ve been doing recently.


picked just for you, Gemini



You’ll be in the spotlight for most of July since it’s your season. You may be getting a lot of attention from friends, coworkers, or love interests. This also means spending more time doing the things you like to do or starting new hobbies. This is a great time to figure out how you want the next year to go because it’s basically like your own personal new year. Around the full moon, you might be figuring out how to put yourself first in relationships or how to let friends or significant others know what you want instead of just being a people pleaser. During Leo season, you might get recognition for work you’ve done, or you might be starting your own business.


picked just for you, Cancer



Cancer season will be a time for you to relax and focus on yourself. You might not have as many plans, or you could turn down invites so you can chill and recharge before your season starts at the end of the month (because you’ll be ready to party when Leo season arrives). Around the middle of the month, you might be working out more or figuring out how you can have a better work-life balance. You might start actually leaving work on time so you can enjoy the summer weather. The new moon in your sign at the end of the month is a fresh new start and a great time to set intentions.


picked just for you, Leo



You’ll be feeling social for most of July. You might want to spend more time with friends, or you could be doing more group work with your coworkers at your job. You could also be more interested in activities that involve other people, like workout classes or a book club. Try to get all your plans scheduled before Leo season at the end of the month, when your social battery will run out. With your ruler Mercury moving into Cancer, then Leo, you could feel especially chatty and might be talking about your feelings more.


picked just for you, Virgo



In July, your focus will be your career. Things might pick up at your job, you could feel more dedicated to your work, or you could be starting a new role. You might also be asked to oversee or mentor other people on your team. With your ruler Venus moving into Cancer, you could have luck with new job opportunities. The full moon will be highlighting your home life, which could have you working from home or moving somewhere for a job or to be closer to your office. During Leo season, you’ll be collaborating with your coworkers more and might be spending more time with them, like setting up a happy hour with your team.


picked just for you, Libra



You’ll be learning new things and interested in different subjects during Cancer season. You might take a trip to a country you’ve never visited before, take an online class, or pick up a book on a new topic. When your ruler Mars moves into Taurus, you might feel more assertive in your personal relationships, or you might want to take action and let the person you’re dating know how you feel. By the end of the month, you’ll be thinking more about your career. You might use some of the new things you learned at your job, or you might be considering how you can incorporate your new interests into your work.


picked just for you, Scorpio



For most of July, you’ll be focused on personal matters. You may be dealing with tax or 401k issues. If you’re planning on moving in with a roommate or with your partner, you might be figuring out the best way to combine all of your stuff so you don’t end up with two couches and no kitchen table. The full moon will have you thinking about how you can use your skills in your career or make extra money. You might also decide to get rid of things you don’t need, like shirts you haven’t worn since 2010. Around the end of the month, you might be planning or setting off on a trip with a close friend or with your significant other.


picked just for you, Sagittarius



Cancer season will be centered on your relationships, and you might be spending more time with your significant other. The full moon in your sign may have you figuring out how you can be your true self around your partner or close friends. Or you may suddenly realize that your personality or the things you like don’t really line up with the person you’ve been dating. During Leo season, you may feel like you’re able to be more vulnerable with the people close to you, especially since you’ve been trying to be more yourself around them.


picked just for you, Capricorn



July will be mostly focused on work for you. You could be trying to get more organized at work, and you might be working on yourself, too—finding an exercise routine you can stick to or catching up on doctor appointments. Around the full moon in Capricorn, you might feel like taking a mental health day from your job to decompress and to have some time to yourself before your more social Leo season. When Leo season starts, you could be getting to know your coworkers better, or you might even make a new friend at work.


picked just for you, Aquarius



You’ll be having lots of fun during Cancer season. You may be spending more time on your hobbies, especially anything creative, like writing or drawing. You could go on lots of dates or be planning more date nights with your partner. Around the middle of the month, you might have a lot of plans with friends, or you could decide to take some time off from work so you can focus more on things you do to relax. Take advantage of the fun vibes before Leo season, when you’ll want to buckle down and get stuff done.


picked just for you, Pisces