Your June Horoscope Is Here: What’s in Store for You This Month, Based on Your Sign

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR

It’s finally June, which means summer is officially here. Before you dive headfirst into everything the season has to offer—rooftop bars, beach days, you know the drill—let’s take a minute to see what the stars have in store for your sign this month. That’s right: Your June horoscopes are ready.

We’re officially out of eclipse season (until the fall), and Mercury retrograde ends at the beginning of the month, so June will be much calmer than May. The month starts off during Gemini season, with the more introverted Cancer season starting toward the end of June. Plus, there’s a lot of Gemini energy (i.e. playful and social) this month, which will be the perfect start to summer.

Keep reading to find out what each zodiac sign can expect this June.


The Month at a Glance

June 3: Mercury goes direct, which means Mercury retrograde is over! But you still may experience confusion or things moving slowly in your life for the next two-ish weeks.

June 13: Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, so it feels right at home here. Communications will be flowing easily (especially now that Mercury retrograde is over, too) and you may be picking up new interests or juggling a lot of different things.

June 14: On June 14, there’s a full moon in Sagittarius. You’ll feel very optimistic and social around this time.

June 21: Cancer season begins. You may be feeling more emotional during this time or wanting to stay at home more.

June 22: Venus enters Gemini, which is fun, lighthearted energy, but you might also feel more scattered with love interests or you might not want to be tied down.

June 28: There’s a new moon in Cancer on June 28. This energy is much calmer than the Sagittarius full moon.


During Gemini season, you might be taking a short weekend trip or you could have a lot of communications projects to deal with. You might also be spending more time with siblings. Around the 14th, you could be finishing up your trip and getting ready to head home, or you could be planning a longer trip for the future. When Cancer season begins, you’ll be spending more time at home or organizing your house. You might also want to invite friends over to host them at your place. Then at the end of the month, you could be moving or buying new decor for your home to revamp your style.


picked just for you, Aries


You’ll have money on your mind in June. You might be feeling like an entrepreneur at the beginning of the month, with more of a focus on your own work or projects. You might also be thinking about money and how to save up or make more. Around the full moon at the middle of the month, you might finally get the raise you asked for or you could get closure on other money issues that came up around the Gemini new moon last month. During Cancer season, you might be starting a writing project (even if it’s something like journaling), get interested in a new genre of book, or come across more communications work, like planning presentations, at your job. Starting around the 22nd, you could have luck with money, and you may be feeling more confident in yourself.


picked just for you, Taurus


The month starts off during your season, so you’ll be in the spotlight. You may have more plans with friends or could be getting attention on dating apps. You might feel like getting your haircut and focusing on your hobbies and personal interests. Plus, with Mercury in your sign and out of retrograde, you’ll start to feel much clearer about things and will have fewer miscommunications or tech mishaps. And Venus moves into Gemini toward the end of the month, which is super positive energy for you. Around the 14th, you could be ending a relationship or situationship, or you could be working out any issues you’ve had recently with friends or your significant other. When Cancer season starts, you’ll be more focused on making money for yourself and working on personal projects outside of work.


picked just for you, Gemini


During Gemini season, you may be wanting to stay home more and not be super interested in making plans with people. Around the middle of the month, you could be dealing with your health, like making doctors’ appointments, or you could be wrapping up something you’ve been working on at your job. When Cancer season comes around, you’ll be feeling much more social, and you’ll have a lot more going on in your life, so take advantage of the time to rest during Gemini season. This is a good time to start dating or make plans for the upcoming year. Then, the new moon in your sign at the end of the month offers a fresh start.


picked just for you, Cancer


You’ll start off the month being very social or collaborating a lot at work. Around the full moon, you may be trying to plan how to take more time to do things you like to do for fun, or you could be trying to figure out your dating life. Then when Cancer season starts, you may want to spend some time alone to refresh after all the social plans you had during Gemini season. And at the end of the month, you may be feeling mentally lighter, or you could still be trying to figure out your work-life balance. You could even make a breakthrough in therapy or decide to start seeing a therapist around this time.


picked just for you, Leo


The beginning of the month will be more focused on work than play for you, and you may have a lot going on at your job. And with your ruler Mercury in Gemini, you’ll find you have an easier time communicating with coworkers and friends, and if you’re working on any group projects, you’ll probably have a much easier time dealing with others and won’t have any miscommunications about who needs to be doing what. Around the full moon, you may be moving or looking for new apartments, or you could be finalizing a lease agreement. Then when Cancer season starts, you’ll have more time to hang out with friends and may get invited to lots of events. You could be collaborating with your coworkers more, too.


picked just for you, Virgo


June will be a month of new things and work for you. During Gemini season, you could be taking or planning a big trip somewhere new, or you may be reading about a new subject you want to learn more about. Around the 14th, you could be finishing up a book (maybe about your new interest) or communications-related projects at work or school. Cancer season will have you working hard. You might get recognition, a promotion, or a raise. Then when your ruler Venus enters Gemini, you might want to expand your knowledge about that topic you were studying at the beginning of the month, or you could even take up another new interest. With the new moon at the end of the month, you could be starting a new job or position within your company. You might also be asked to take on new tasks.


picked just for you, Libra


You’ll be feeling more introverted during Gemini season, and you might feel stuck in your head. You could also receive a raise at work or money from investments or taxes, especially around the full moon. Around the middle of the month, you might also be realizing or trying to work on any self-confidence issues or just coming to terms with things you’re self-conscious about. During Cancer season, you could be traveling a lot or planning a big trip. You may also want to take a class or workshop on a topic you’re interested in.


picked just for you, Scorpio


During Gemini season, you might be spending more time with your significant other or close friends. Then with the full moon in your sign at the middle of the month, you could have more plans, or you could feel like you’re in the spotlight, either personally or at your job. With the start of Cancer season comes money topics for you. You’ll be thinking about your finances and could be budgeting to have more money to spend on fun things (or not-so-fun things). With the new moon at the end of the month, you could get money from somewhere you weren’t expecting, like from a family member or an out-of-the-blue raise.


picked just for you, Sagittarius


You’ll be focused on your health during Gemini season. You might be getting into a workout routine or trying to eat healthier, or you could be getting around to scheduling doctors’ appointments that you’ve put off. Around the middle of the month, you may want to take a couple days to yourself without any plans to relax or schedule some time off from work just to chill. Cancer season will have you more focused on your close friends and family and significant other. It’s also a good time to start dating or re-download dating apps. At the end of the month, you could be getting into a new relationship or reaching a new milestone with your SO, like getting engaged or meeting their parents.


picked just for you, Capricorn


You’ll be having lots of fun during Gemini season: dating a lot, spending more time watching shows you like, or taking time out of your day to do hobbies. Take advantage of this light energy before Cancer season, when you’ll be buckling down and focused on work and errands. Around the full moon at the middle of the month, you could be finishing up collaborations you’ve been working on, or you could be thinking about new groups you could join, like clubs. If you’ve been having issues with a friend group, you could have a falling out with them or realize why you’ve been fighting. Around the new moon, you might decide to go to a new workout class or attempt to cook a recipe you haven’t tried before.


picked just for you, Aquarius


You’ll be more of a homebody (even more than usual) during Gemini season at the beginning of the month. You could also be spending more time with family or dealing with family issues. Around the middle of the month, you could quit your job, or you might be figuring out the direction you want your career to take. Cancer season will be more fun for you, and you’ll have more time to spend on hobbies or to do fun things like binge-watching a TV show. Then at the end of the month, you might be starting to date someone new or getting back on dating apps. You could even pick up a new hobby with your focus on fun during Cancer season.


picked just for you, Pisces