The Best Fantasy Books on Kindle Unlimited


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kindle unlimited fantasy books"
kindle unlimited fantasy books

When the work week comes to a close, and I find myself with a completely free weekend, there’s only one way I want to spend my time: binging a fantasy series on my Kindle. It sounds insane, but for someone like me who would much rather get lost in a world of magic and faeries instead of turning on the TV, it’s honestly ideal. I’ll grab some tasty snacks, a fuzzy blanket, and a crisp Diet Coke, and I don’t plan on leaving the couch—for hours. Now, how do I have such easy access to read so much romantasy? One simple answer: Kindle Unlimited.

If you’re not familiar, Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service that gives you free access to digital books. Unlike a library, Kindle Unlimited allows you to download up to 17 books for as long as you want, and there’s no waitlist for getting a book—you can read it right away! Only books enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program are available, but don’t sweat it; there are still so many great books to read! Here are some of the best fantasy books on Kindle Unlimited right now, all ready for you to binge on the couch this weekend. You’re welcome.

Rebecca Ross
Divine Rivals

Ross’s first book in her Letters of Enchantment duology, Divine Rivals, is a story about two young journalists who are rivals, yet unbeknownst to them, they are writing secret letters to each other through magical typewriters. Iris hopes to win a spot as the columnist of the paper they both work for in an effort to travel to the front lines and find her brother. But when things don’t go according to plan, Iris makes some hard decisions that change her fate. She is sent on a journey to learn the truth about the gods, the never-ending war, and the mysterious man writing her letters. If you love Ross’s beautiful prose, you can also read her book A River Enchanted—the first of her Elements of Cadence duology—on Kindle Unlimited as well.

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J.D. Linton
The Last Storm

If you love Tangled or any story about a girl locked away from the rest of the world and a determination to escape, then The Last Storm is for you. This fantasy book follows the story of 26-year-old Ara Starrin after her father announces her engagement to her childhood friend. Except when the newly appointed king of the fae Rogue Draki sets eyes on Ara and realizes she is his mate, things take a drastic turn. Ara has learned of the human’s plot to try and slaughter the fae, and given she is the general’s daughter, Rogue decides to abduct her and uses her as leverage to stop their brutality. The second book of the series, The Last Draig, is also on Kindle Unlimited.

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Isabel Ibañez
What The River Knows

A historical fantasy set in 19th-century Egypt, What The River Knows follows the story of Inez Olivera and her attempt to find out the truth of what happened to her globe-trotting parents after they disappeared. With a new fortune, Inez sails to Cairo for answers and finds out that the gold ring she wears is tethered to old-world magic. As she uncovers truths about the ancient magic at play, Inez is unwillingly sucked into a larger game that puts her at great risk and is forced to deal with her guardian’s (very handsome) meddlesome assistant.

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Logan Karlie
Dream by the Shadows

In a dark take on Beauty and the Beast comes Logan Karlie’s Dream by the Shadows, following the story of Esmer Havenfall and the curse on her kingdom. The people of Noctis are cursed with Corruption, a soul-stealing disease spread through dreaming that takes you to the Dream Realm and its cruel ruler, the Shadow Bringer. Only an expensive elixir can save people from this fate, but after her sister passes from Corruption and her elixir-dealing parents are accused of a terrible crime, Esmer is faced with haunting dreams of the Shadow Bringer. Only to discover that she may, too, have the terrible powers that he also possesses.

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Carissa Broadbent
The Serpent & The Wings of Night

A dark fantasy with vampires that don’t sparkle. Oraya is a human daughter adopted by one of the vampire kings and is forced to survive in a world that sees her as prey. In order to prove herself, she enters a deadly tournament against vicious warriors from the other vampire houses and enters an unlikely alliance with her deadliest rival. When war begins to stir, Oraya is forced to face truths about her homeland she never expected and is continually drawn to the vampire she should consider her enemy. All of Carissa’s books are available through Kindle Unlimited, including her other popular series, The War of Lost Hearts.

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Sarah A. Parker
When The Moon Hatched

Raeve is an assassin and part of a deadly rebellion group; her job is to kill and never get caught. But when a bounty hunter from the Crown eventually does, Raeve is locked away deep into a notorious prison at the mercy of the mystical Guild of Nobles and is left to die. Newly appointed king Kaan Vaegor is on a quest for moonshard, the tombs of the once majestic dragons, and is led into a prison where he stumbles upon a girl locked away with blood on her hands.

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R.F. Kuang
The Poppy War

R.F. Kuang’s The Poppy War follows the story of Rin after she passes the Keju, an Empire-wide test that marks her as a talented Academic and lands her in the most prestigious military school in the Nikan empire, Sinegard. During her time there, she discovers she possesses a lethal, unearthly power. Now, this once peasant girl may have the powers to save her people from a war, yet she may lose her humanity in the process. The Poppy War is the first book in this historical military fantasy series, set in 20th-century China.

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Stacia Stark
A Court This Cruel & Lovely

Prisca always sees the same man with blazing green eyes every time she falls asleep. But when she finally meets that man face to face, the mercenary Lorian leaves her to die. Yet when Prisca discovers she has a forbidden power, she is forced to flee her village and seek a bargain with that same mercenary that became her enemy. As Prisca helps Lorian and his friends on a secret heist, and Lorian helps Prisca wield her new powers, the two become close as they work together to survive. Until dark secrets of Lorian’s threaten to drive them apart. Stark’s entire Kingdom of Lies series is on Kindle Unlimited.

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Holly Renee
A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows

Looking for a completed fantasy series on Kindle Unlimited to binge over the weekend? Holly Renee’s Stars and Shadows four-book series is your answer. This enemies-to-lovers romantasy follows the story of Adara whose union with the crown prince will determine the fate of their kingdom, but the prince’s half-breed brother keeps getting in the way. Adara does her best to stay away from the dark, broody prince she can’t have until the kingdom is attacked and she is forced to make choices that could either betray the kingdom she was promised to protect or betray the one who has her heart.

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Meg Smitherson
The Frost Queen’s Blade

Smitherson’s The Frost Queen flips the script on the usual romantasy books and tells the story of a frost queen with an icy heart and the assassin who tries to kill her. Elma is set to be crowned as the new queen of Rothen, but things keep going awry, like an enemy assassin threatening to kill her. Captured and imprisoned, Elma finds out that the people wanting her dead may be her closest allies, and decides to seek help from the one man who tried to kill her, to begin with. This standalone fantasy romance is dark, bloody, and nothing like you’d expect.

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Penn Cole
Spark of the Everflame

After her mother disappears without a trace, Diem Bellator is promoted as the King’s personal healer and is thrust into the lives of the Descended, the magical people of the realm she calls home. The Descended are prejudiced against any half-breeds, which is why Diem agrees to join a mortal rebel group threatening to take them down. Now with access to the castle and all of their secrets, Diem goes on secret missions to uncover their truths and constantly cross paths with Luther, the dark and mysterious heir to the throne. Yet her conversations with him are nothing like she expects, and she soon learns the hard truths of the people she once called friends, as well as the hidden magic deep within herself. The first three books of Cole’s addictive series are all available on Kindle Unlimited, and the fourth and final book is set to release this summer.

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Olivia Wildenstein
House of Beating Wings

Fallon Rossi is a half-breed who doesn’t possess magical powers and is essentially nobody. But when her first kiss and childhood crush—who is also the brother of the King—returns after four years, Fallon falls even deeper into her affections. In an attempt to overthrow the King, Fallon is sent on a mission to collect the iron claws that could put her love on the throne and give her a seat by his side. Yet she never expected to come across a winged demon on her hunt or that this demon would soon become obsessed with her. The first three books of the The Kingdom of Crows series are on Kindle Unlimited, and the fourth will be out this summer.

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Raven Kennedy

Gild follows the story of Auren, a woman plucked from the slums and turned into gold. She is safe, thanks to the protection of the king, until a war breaks out within their kingdom, and a new deal is struck that threatens the protection that Auren always thought was guaranteed. Can she still trust the King who once promised protection? The Plated Prisoner Series is a retelling of King Midas, and the first five books are all available on Kindle Unlimited.

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