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Lizzo’s Best Tips for Improving Body Confidence

lizzo self-love summer tips"
lizzo self-love summer tips

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that you simply cannot feel anything but empowered when listening to Lizzo’s music. A confident queen herself, Lizzo is known for many talents: singing, songwriting, rapping, dancing, and even playing the flute. To top it off, she absolutely exudes self-love (on and off the stage). Needless to say, I think we could all learn a thing or two from her. 

After scouring the internet for Lizzo’s top tips, I learned that her journey towards self-love and body positivity hasn’t been an easy one. In an interview with People, Lizzo explained that after being “body negative” for a long time, she needed to find ways to love herself in order to survive. Lizzo explained that she shows up and chooses to love herself every day. Over the years, her advice and quotes on body positivity, confidence, and self-love have been the subject of many interviews. Here, I’ve rounded up six of Lizzo’s best tips that will have you feeling good as hell this summer. 


Accept yourself

According to Lizzo’s op-ed with NBC, the first step to self-love is acceptance. “Acceptance is hard. I’m still accepting myself every day; I’m still working on it.” Self-acceptance can be a challenge when we are bombarded with images and products we are told we need in order to be our best selves or look a certain way. Accepting yourself doesn’t have to be anything extreme. It can simply mean accepting yourself where you are at while knowing that there is always room to heal and grow. 



Be honest (with yourself and others)

Sometimes the truth hurts. In her op-ed, Lizzo explained that self-love is rooted in honesty. “We have to start being more honest with what we need, what we deserve, and start serving that to ourselves.” If you find yourself putting your own needs on the back burner to fulfill the standards or needs of others, it may be time to take a step back and reflect on what you deserve. Try journaling to tap into your highest self and start putting it into practice. Learning to be honest with yourself not only strengthens your relationship with yourself but also with others.  


Practice positive self-talk

As Lizzo told People, “Most people are taught that body negativity is normal, right? Then I became body positive, which is the opposite of that. It’s disruptive.” How often do you find yourself making a negative comment about yourself in your head? Probably often, right? According to Lizzo, the narrative around negative self-talk needs to change. Although you don’t have to love your body every single day, you can still be kind and grateful for all that it does for you. And if you need a little reminder, the opening lyrics of Lizzo’s Juice have got you covered. 


Follow people who represent you

I remember the days when #fitspo abound. And although I’ve seen a positive shift on social media, there are still countless ways to edit and enhance photos at our fingertips that our insecurities pay the price for. Lizzo credits a shift in her mindset toward body positivity to following people that look like her. Take Lizzo’s lead and do a quick check of who you’re following. Are they representative of you, do they bring positivity, and do they align with your values? If not, it might be time to hit that unfollow button. 



Work out for yourself, not for beauty standards

Like most celebs in the limelight, Lizzo has faced criticism for her body–but she isn’t afraid to clap back. In a TikTok video from 2020 (which now has 17.6 million views, I might add) her voiceover states, So I’ve been working out consistently for the last five years, and it may come as a surprise to some of y’all that I’m not working out to have your ideal body type. I’m working out to have my ideal body type.” We love an unapologetic queen. Although we’ve been taught to exercise for aesthetic purposes, exercise has many other benefits, such as reducing the risk of disease, boosting your mood (endorphins make you happy, duh), and improving sleep. Find workouts that you enjoy and think about why you want to work out, whether it’s to feel strong and confident or for your long-term health.


Re-define beauty

While it’s unrealistic to love every part of your body all of the time, you can reframe your thinking. Lizzo told CBS Sunday Morning,I had to address every layer of insecurity because I can’t just be like, ‘Alright, my arm’s not jiggly and lumpy anymore.’ That’s delusional. You have to be like, ‘That’s not ugly to me anymore and it’s not wrong to me. It’s beautiful to me.’” We all have body parts we’ve picked apart, but it doesn’t mean we have to feel shame moving forward. Reframing how we think about our bodies and focusing on what they do for us rather than how they look brings us one step closer to self-love and acceptance.