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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Mom Water but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

5 Wellness Hacks for Your Best Summer Ever


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health goals"
health goals

I strive to be healthy all year but as plans ramp up during the summer and my inner extrovert comes out to play, my health goals tend to slip by the wayside. Between bachelorette parties, weekend trips, and a packed social calendar of happy hours and beach days, it’s easy to forget about the health goals I put into place on January 1st. However, I’m claiming this season to be my “balanced girl summer” A.K.A. maintaining a presence during my busy schedule while keeping my body and mind happy and healthy.

Here are five easy ways I’m enjoying all that the summer has to offer without missing a beat with my health goals (that you can totally copy, too):


health goals

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1. Choose my drinks wisely

With an uptick in my social plans in the summer, it’s a season where my alcohol intake tends to spike. I typically reach for 1-2 glasses of wine per week (with the occasional cameo from an extra espresso martini), but my drinking habits shift a bit when my planner is booked full of happy hours, parties, and vacations.

My problem is that most drinks, especially during the hot, humid days of summer, leave me feeling bloated and on the verge of a splitting headache. I recently found a low-calorie vodka water called Mom Water and let me tell you: I’ll be packing it in my cooler for bonfires, cookouts, and tailgating all summer long. The first time I tried them, I woke up with no hangover and no urge to never drink again (both a rarity for me). I went back to the fridge to check the ingredient label of this seemingly wonder product and I loved what I saw: no sugar, carbs, or carbonation. 

Since I had been raving about them so much to my friends, I brought their Mom Squad variety pack to a picnic and I should’ve packed more—everyone reached for Mom Water over the other drinks we had in our cooler. I love that I can still enjoy a day out with my friends, but keep my health goals on track—and without feeling blah afterward.

health goals
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2. Multitask while I get my steps in

One of my biggest health challenges, especially while working from home, is sitting too much since I’m at my desk for most of the day. Some days I get a few walks in a day, but other days, I’m lucky if I walk to my front door to pick up my food delivery. So I’ve decided to make the most of my daily step count on days that feel pressed for time. 

I’ll be using my lunch break to go for a walk instead of eating at my desk, catching up with my fiancé and friends after work while on a quick evening walk, and hopping on the treadmill during my scrolling time. Getting some steps in sure seems a lot less daunting (and a lot more enjoyable) when I’m chatting with a friend or catching up on my favorite podcast.


3. Lean on meal prep during busy weeks

During these crazy busy months, I like to lean on meal prep when I’d much rather be lounging out by the pool than inside throwing dinner together on a whim. Meal prep helps cut back on the time inside away from all of the fun and lets you keep up with your health goals (instead of running into the habit of throwing a pizza in the oven and calling it a day which I’m most certainly guilty of). Plus, you can save some extra cash by avoiding takeout when you’re on the go by grabbing your Tupperware while you’re running out the door. Here are some of my favorite meal prep recipes you can prep on Sundays before your busy week ahead. 



4. Up my water intake

I’m obsessed with my emotional support water bottle…when I actually remember to bring it with me. Keeping hydrated during the summer months is key because we’re spending long days out in the sun and sweating a lot more than the rest of the year.

Behold: the Owala FreeSip Water Bottle that is going to help me achieve all of my hydrated summer dreams. This one keeps my water ice cold and is a lot easier to bring on the go compared to my Stanley. You can even toss it in a bag since it’s spillproof. I’ll be storing my Owala at my desk during the weekdays and moving it by my car keys during the weeknights and weekends to keep this health goal top of mind.

health goals
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5. Ditch the gym for an outdoor workout class

I’ve got to be honest: I despise working out. I’ve never (willingly) been a big gym girly and I have finally accepted that fact at the ripe age of 27. This year, I’m trying out a few outdoor group workout classes to switch things up from my usual routine. 

Group workout classes—like yoga, barre, and kickboxing—make workouts a lot more enjoyable for me. I tend to schedule them during weekday mornings so I can spend weekday nights and weekends living my best life. If I’m feeling like having a self-care Sunday, I grab my gals for a yoga and meditation morning and get some active time in that way.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Mom Water but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.