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5 Motivating Podcast Episodes To Listen to on Your Next Hot Girl Walk

change your life in one walk
written by EMMA GINSBERG
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

If there’s one habit that I developed during the pandemic that I will never let go of, it’s the hot-girl-walk-and-podcast combo. No other practice is guaranteed to make me feel as inspired, productive, and–well–hot as prancing around my neighborhood while the sun is shining and a podcast is playing. Whether I’m tuning into a casual, chatty podcast, or taking mental notes from a deep dive with an expert, a great podcast is the key to getting me out the door and moving. Bonus points for hour-long episodes that cause me to wander to a new coffee shop or complete the whole two-mile loop of the park in my neighborhood.

If you love a stroll-plus-podcast moment as much as I do, we have you covered. On The Everygirl Podcast, we discuss everything from manifestation to finances to pop culture: there’s a little bit of something for every hot girl walker! Without further ado, here are five podcast episodes to inspire your next hot girl walk.


1. Manifesting Your Dream Life, Achieving Your Goals, and Becoming Your Highest Self With Roxie Nafousi

If you’ve listened to an inspirational, manifestation-related podcast in 2023, chances are you’ve probably heard of Roxie Nafousi. For those who have not, Roxie is a self-development coach, manifestation expert, and author of Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life and Manifest: Dive Deeper. In this episode, Josie gets the scoop on Roxie’s personal background and childhood, how she found manifestation, and an in-depth explanation of her viral steps to manifesting anything you want out of your life. This is the ultimate episode for anyone looking to become their best selves.

Listen if: You want your hot girl walk to double as a manifestation practice.


2. Detoxing the Mind and Body, Principles of Food Combining, and Feeding Spiritual Hunger with Bonberi’s Nicole Berrie

There’s no better time to brush up on health and nutrition than during the sunny, motivating summer months, and Nicole Berrie has a wealth of knowledge to share about fueling our bodies properly. This episode covers everything you could possibly want to know about intuitive eating and healing your relationship with food. Plus, Nicole gives Josie a run-down on the how-tos of food combining, which she blends with her intuitive eating in order to optimize gut health. If you want to finish your hot girl walk with new recipe ideas or inspo for dinner tonight, this is the episode for you.

Listen if: You want to feel your very best this summer.


3. Abundance Mindset, the Feminist Side of Finances, and How to Get Rich with Tori Dunlap of Her First $100K

If I were to ever dare take my hot girl walk in silence (the horror), the first thing I would start spiraling about is my budget. Enter Tori Dunlap, globally recognized financial expert, founder of Her First $100K, and author of Financial Feminist. Whether you’re looking to get started with long-term saving options, want to know more about investing, or need to get out of debt, Tori has a wealth of knowledge (pun intended). This episode even addresses how to handle your psychological and emotional relationship with money, meaning you’ll definitely end your walk with some journal prompts in mind.

Listen if: Your best self includes better wealth, abundance, and relationship with your finances.


4. Hormone Expert, Alisa Vitti, Shares How to Biohack Your Hormones and Cycle Sync Your Life For Optimal Wellness

Regular listeners of The Everygirl Podcast know: on this podcast, we talk about periods, and we talk about them a lot. This episode, featuring hormone expert and author of Woman Code and In The Flo Alisa Vitti, is our 101 guide on cycle syncing and hormone health. For those who might not know about each stage of the menstrual cycle, the infradian rhythm, or optimizing your lifestyle for peak hormonal health, this episode provides a fantastic and thorough explanation. Alisa shares all of her expert advice on altering your diet, exercise routines, and even your sex and work life to align with your cycle.

Listen if: You want to biohack your health or understand your body better.


5. Celebrity Fitness Trainer Megan Roup on How to Make Workouts Effective, Body Confidence, and Secrets to Feeling Motivated

Ready to kick your physical activity up a notch after a low-impact hot girl walk? This episode, featuring celebrity fitness trainer and The Sculpt Society founder Megan Roup, will totally motivate you to get moving. Josie and Megan chat about Megan’s personal background as a dancer and fitness instructor, how to improve your relationship with fitness, and tips for staying consistent with your workout routine. If you’ve been wanting to infuse your life with all things Sofia Richie (and haven’t we all), then you’re in luck, because the viral star happens to be one of Megan’s top clients. 

Listen if: You’re sick of your workout routine and want to improve your relationship with exercise.