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Miranda Kerr’s Trainer Shares How To Change Your Workouts in 2023

written by JOSIE SANTI
Source: Liana Tarantino
Source: Liana Tarantino

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Let me introduce you to a fitness icon, wellness expert, founder of The Sculpt Society, and my personal #fitspo: Megan Roup. Roup is a professional dancer turned workout pro (#goals), and after discovering her expertise, I knew she was the right person to help us all get out of the fitness rut that typically comes this time of year. That’s why we brought her on The Everygirl Podcast this week to share her advice for being consistent with workouts and finding a form of exercise that works for you.

It’s cold outside, we’re more tired than usual, and motivation is lacking, but exercise does not have to be a chore to check off the to-do list or a boring habit we keep up with for the sake of routine; it should always be enjoyable, challenging, and exciting, no matter the time of year (or weather outside). So to put us all out of our fitness rut misery, I grilled Roup on the trends we can expect to transform our fitness routines this year. Read on for her predictions that you can start trying right now, and check out this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast to hear more about Roup’s fitness journey.


Meet the expert
Megan Roup
Founder of The Sculpt Society
After a successful career as a professional dancer, Roup combined her passion for dance and love of fitness to create The Sculpt Society, a workout method designed to empower women through movement.


1. Opt for shorter, quicker workouts

So long, 90-minute workouts! 2023 is all about ditching extensive training if you only have time to fit in quick workouts, whether that means a few five-minute spurts of yoga flows throughout the day, a 15-minute walk, or 30 minutes of an online class. “There will be a big emphasis on quick, effective workouts (i.e The Sculpt Society “quickie” workouts). My affirmation is to commit less so you can show up more,” Roup explained. “Small chunks of movement each day adds up to big wins, and consistency is the key to the success of any fitness journey.” Shorter spurts of exercise is not just a trend; it makes perfect sense. Committing to shorter workouts is way more realistic and sustainable, since you’re setting yourself up for success when you’re busy, traveling, or just don’t feel like spending an hour exercising (which, let’s be honest, happens a lot). 


2. Don’t disregard digital fitness

Over the past few years, we’ve learned to break our gym addiction and exercise at home. But even though many of us have returned to our favorite yoga studios or gyms by now, digital fitness isn’t going anywhere. “When it comes to gym memberships or digital fitness, it is and, not or,” Roup said. “Many people will have a gym membership and a membership to an app.” If you think about it, having both offers the perfect workout routine.

With digital fitness, you have the flexibility of exercising anywhere for any amount of time. But boutique fitness classes or a gym membership offer a different environment, type of workout, or equipment from you could do virtually. With both, you have the best of both worlds. Roup said that she’s even seeing more members using The Sculpt Society at the gym so they have more space and equipment for their favorite workouts they can also do at home. Digital fitness also continues to offer a social community that can help keep you motivated to move your body both at home and in the gym. As Roup said on The Everygirl Podcast, “It’s about finding a fitness community that you can feel supported in.” Don’t have a budget for both memberships? Switch it up by trying a drop-in class every couple of months to challenge yourself and get out of your routine or check out free YouTube videos at home on the days where you don’t have time to get to the gym.


3. Focus on pelvic floor muslces

You know to work your ab muscles and glute muscles, but what about your pelvic floor muscles? In the next year, Roup predicted this important (and overlooked) area will become more of a main priority, and for good reason. She explained that just like other muscle groups in the body, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and lengthened, and focusing on these muscles helps support pregnancy as well as help with recovery after labor. Pregnancy not in your plans? Pelvic floor exercises as part of a well-rounded workout routine will continue to grow in popularity since they have been connected to everything from better sex to ab definition. To start, try The Sculpt Society’s 360 Breathing classes or try exercises from a pelvic floor expert like Lia Bartha



4. Less equipment

Good news for those of us who hate going to the gym or live in studio apartments: Bulky equipment and even weights are getting less important for fitness. “Workout equipment can be a limiting factor for a lot of people who are traveling, working with a budget, have limited space, or are on the go,” Roup said. “Workouts that require no equipment or light equipment that’s easy to travel with will make the entry point easier and more cost-effective to get started.” In other words, fitness is way more accessible in 2023. While weight lifting has amazing benefits or machines can be a great way to challenge yourself, you don’t need any equipment to reach your fitness goals. Body weight is good enough. And if you like having something to guide your workouts, leave the weights at home (we need to reserve all the weight in our suitcases for curling irons and shoes!) and pack a light jump rope or resistance band instead. 


5. Consistency over motivation

Workout burnout is decidedly out in 2023. As we move through the nonstop motivational fitness content that hits our feeds every January, Roup recommends prioritizing workouts that we can maintain consistently rather than burning ourselves out early in the year. Even if it just means working out for 10 minutes or going for a short walk, moving our bodies in a way that is sustainable is going to be even more of a priority in the coming year. According to Roup, that means listening to your body and what it needs from day to day, rather than pushing yourself to do workouts you dislike. “I’m intuitively listening to how I feel and what I need each day, and my body isn’t stressed out and holding on for dear life because I’m putting it through all of these crazy exercises every day. And, in turn, I’ve never felt or looked better,” she said. 


6. Prioritizing fun workouts

And now for my personal favorite 2023 trend: having a lot more fun. Gone are the days of intimidating fitness classes where the instructor scares you into running faster, accountability coaches who get you to the gym by bullying disguised as “motivation,” or forcing yourself into a boring run on the treadmill or lift at the gym because you think that’s what’s good for you. Let’s all agree to ditch fear-based fitness and instead opt for what feels good. As Roup explained on The Everygirl Podcast, leaning into the kind of movement that her body loves was actually what gave her the inspiration for The Sculpt Society in the first place. “I was continuing to lean into the things that made me happy…I kept on tuning into what I was feeling, and what the things were that I was enjoying, and I really was enjoying fitness.”

Feeling more confident, proud, motivated, and excited isn’t some woo-woo self-help advice; it’s the most powerful fitness hack to actually stay consistent. “The more fun and enjoyment we find in workouts, the more consistent we will be with them,” Roup agreed. “People are looking to exercise to find positivity and be uplifted.” And in 2023, we could all use a little more uplifting.