Look for Less: Copy Meghan Markle’s Best Fall Outfits

By now, if you know me or you’ve read anything I have ever written, you probably know three things: I read a lot. Like, A LOT. I tend to overuse the ~ as ~emphasis~. And Meghan Markle is my gurl forever and ever. And there’s no denying that her style — royal or otherwise — is flawless. Especially for fall — I mean, have you ever seen anyone rock the messy-bun-cinched-coat-big-ass-scarf combo as effectively? Of course you haven’t.

So, without further ado, here’s how to steal Meghan’s best brisk weather ensembles — from her chicest coats to her most bangin’ blazers.


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This look — from Meghan and Harry’s first public appearance — is everything I have ever wanted to be and more. We stan a casual goddess with a perfect french tuck. Her exact bag is from Everlane (!!) and an Everygirl office fave — several of us walk in every morning toting our totes, laughing with the wind in our hair. Lol JK, yesterday I walked in and immediately spilled coffee all over my new velvet shirt. But hey, the bag still looks great.


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Seriously considering this plaid coat for fall — how perfect is it?! Somehow both a print and a neutral; endlessly chic styled over a monochrome black turtleneck and wide-leg pants. MEGHAN QUEEN OF MY HEART.


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If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would probably look pretty similar to this. I own the Madewell olive jacket I linked above, and I have no idea how I would survive fall without it. It is just constantly on my person — tossed over my shoulders (drape it, baby), tied around my waist (sassy mom styling on point), thrown on top of everything from casual workout gear to office wear. Am I even myself without my olive jacket? The age-old question.


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I am deeply obsessed with monochrome outfits — especially for workwear. If I had unlimited funds, I would buy everything I own in as many colors as possible for peak monochrome opportunities. This deep emerald is perfect for fall — neutral yet unexpected and chic. Plus, you can mix and match each piece with the rest of your wardrobe flawlessly. Leopard, black, navy… everything goes with emerald (seriously, trust).


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Remember that old rule that you shouldn’t wear black and brown together? Trust QUEEN MEGHAN to kick that to the curb. I love the breeziness of this outfit. It looks pulled together, yet casual. Work appropriate, yet stylish. Wouldn’t you wear this if you were off to conquer the world?


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When I was little, my dad had this plaid blazer he would wear for special occasions. He called it his “party blazer,” and at the time, I did not appreciate its majesty. Flash forward 20 years, and now I want a blazer exactly like it — down to the slightly oversized fit and rough tweed. I love this “uniform” way of styling the plaid — from the perfect low pony to the sleek black trousers.


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Can we just all take a moment to appreciate this look and subtle hand-holding? THEY ARE SO IN LOVE. Anyway, all of these colors together are the most FALL palette ever, no? Oversize lapel coats are a great way to transition from fall into winter — wear them open in fall in display your full outfit, then bundle up with them cozily cinched as the weather gets colder.


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Meghan went for a full J.Crew moment in NYC to watch Serena’s game, and I am here. for. it. The drape is polarizing, but I, for one, am fully on board. Why put your arms all the way through the sleeves? You are a busy businesswoman who has to drape n’ go on her way to a very important meeting (for me, this meeting is usually just going back to Target to return some impulse purchases so I don’t go bankrupt).


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This is my new version of a power suit. Brilliant white dress, classic pumps, soft trench, and loose hair. It literally says “I will take on the world and don’t even think about messing with me. Also. hi! I’m great.”





Classic Button-Down, Madewell
Silky Top, Mango
Striped Top, J.Crew
Plaid Blazer, H&M
Olive Jacket, Madewell
Black Turtleneck, Uniqlo 
Denim Dress, J.Crew
Wrap Jacket, Tahari
White Dress, H&M
Midi Skirt, J.Crew 
Ponte Pants, Spanx 
Distressed Denim, Abercrombie
Neutral Heels, Schutz
Suede Heels, Sam Edelman 
Black Booties, Halogen
Leather Belt, Madewell
Crossbody, Matt & Nat
Ballet Flats, Margaux
Gold Bracelet, Gorjana 
Tote Bag, Everlane
Sunnies, Le Specs