11 Cozy Movie Night Essentials You’ll Reach for Every Weekend


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Source: @reserve_home
Source: @reserve_home

There’s nothing like cozying up and staying in for movie night. This season is the perfect time for it, especially since there are so many fall classics to choose from (from spooky movies to rom-coms, there’s truly something for everyone). Plus, the temperatures have finally dipped, so it’s officially appropriate to wear your fuzziest slippers and coziest PJs. Whether you’re watching a movie solo, with your partner, or with the girlies, the vibes are just as important as the movie itself. And while prepping for movie night is basically a no-brainer, these products can take your cozy night in to the next level. Here are all the movie night essentials you need to create the most immaculate vibes for your next streaming sesh.

Cozy Lighting

One of the most cost-effective ways to create a cozy environment is with lighting. Sure, you could just turn off your lights and call it a day, but going the extra mile with specialty lighting can really set the mood.

Fairy Curtain Lights

These hanging fairy lights will create the perfect setting for winding down and settling in to watch a movie. Not so bright that they’ll create a glare on the screen, they give off just the right amount of glow for ultimate cozy vibes.

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Amazon Basics
Smart Color-Changing Light Bulb

Another easy way to control the lighting in your space is with smart light bulbs. I have these sprinkled all throughout my home, and all you have to do to dim the lights is ask your Alexa or Google Home to bring the intensity down. When it’s movie time, simply say a command like, “Alexa, turn the lights to 50%.” You don’t even have to get up from the couch!

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The Warmest Blankets

When it’s time to get comfy on the sofa, snuggling up with a blanket is an obvious choice. And while you can easily toss on any old throw, these blankets are extra warm and just as cute as they are soft.

Footsac Blanket

When I tell you this is the softest blanket I’ve ever felt in my life, boy do I mean it. Lovesac’s faux fur throws are luxurious and plush, and they include little pockets (AKA footsacs) to keep your feet extra warm. Cute!

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Checkered Throw Blanket

This trendy blanket continues to pop up on my TikTok and Instagram scrolls, and for good reason. It’s available in a multitude of colors, and the checkered pattern works with so many different design styles. Plus, it’s soft, lightweight and, let’s be real, totally adorable.

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Super-Comfy PJs

You obviously want to be in your most comfortable clothes when it’s time to settle in for movie night, so be sure to break out your fave pair of PJs. Not all comfies are created equal, however, and as someone who basically lives in comfy clothes all the time (hello, WFH life), these are a few of my favorites.

Cozy Earth
Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

Hear me out: I know luxury pajamas are quite the splurge, but if you’re a cozy connoisseur, they’re absolutely worth it IMO. Cozy Earth’s PJs are the softest ever, and once you’ve slipped them on, you won’t want to take them off—trust me.

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Beautifully Soft Pajama Set

I literally own four pairs of these pajama sets, they’re that good. Affordable, soft, and super cute, these Target PJs are available in both long- and short-sleeved options and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

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The Comfy
Oversized Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket? Sign me up. I got a Comfy for Christmas last year, and it’s equal parts hilarious and ridiculously comfortable. It’s essentially a giant hoodie, complete with a hood, pockets, and a sherpa lining. This thing was made for movie nights, and since it has sleeves, every inch of you is covered, even when you’re reaching for snacks. It’s also perfect if you run cold—this thing keeps you toasty!

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All the Snacks

Movie night wouldn’t be complete without buttered popcorn and a side of something sweet. After stocking up on the snacks themselves, you’ll want to be sure you have the right kitchen tools for preparing and serving, especially if you’re hosting friends. Here are a few essentials!

W&P Design
Microwavable Popcorn Popper Bowl

Instead of tossing a popcorn bag in the microwave, pop up your popcorn in this reusuable silicone bowl. It works even without oil and creates less waste since you don’t have to throw away a bag after each use.

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Stanley Tumbler Snack Bowl

This snack tray is essential for anyone with a 40-ounce Stanley. The bowl fits perfectly around the top of the water bottle and has four compartments, making it literally perfect for movie night. No need to pass the popcorn bowl—this tray can fit popcorn, candy, chips, and anything else you may want to snack on during the movie. Perfection.

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Large Charcuterie Board Set

A serving platter is a great investment to make, especially if you like hosting. Charcuterie is always a go-to for guests, but whipping up a movie night snack board is easy to put together too—simply add popcorn, candy, pretzels, fruit, and anything else you’d like. This charcuterie board set comes with everything you need, including cheese knives, small bowls, a separate snack board, and serving forks.

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An Affordable Projector

Since this is all about taking movie night to the next level, a projector is the perfect way to take things up a notch.

Portable Movie Projector

Whether you want to take your movie night outside to your deck or patio, or you don’t want to huddle around a laptop screen, this mini projector will do the trick. It comes with a 100-inch screen and connects to speakers via Bluetooth, so all you have to do is plug in a Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast, or your laptop.

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