The Most Anticipated New Books of Fall 2022

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The beginning of fall means making a few essential purchases: at least one new candle, a collection of sweaters, and a stack of new books to curl up with as it gets chilly outside. The best way to recreate that back-to-school energy we all know and miss? Bulk up your To-Be-Read (TBR) list, of course. Whether you’re looking for a spooky thriller to match the season or you’re more of a memoir person, fall is the best time of year to get in touch with your bookish side.

We turned to Goodreads: a site where readers can rate and review all kinds of books. These are the new books this fall that Goodreads’ readers are obsessed with—and you will be, too.

Elena Armas

The American Roommate Experiment 

Fans of The Spanish Love Deception, get ready for the follow up. When Rosie Graham finally builds up the courage to quit the job she hates and pursue her passion of romance writing, her world collapses (literally). She's struck with writer's block and the ceiling of her New York apartment caves in and she seeks shelter at her friend Lina's apartment while she's out of town. Little does Rosie realize, Lina's cousin Lucas, who she secretly is infatuated with, is also staying there. Being a true Spanish gentleman, Lucas offers to let her stay with him at the apartment and even offers to help her get over her writer's block with a sequence of faux dates with him. She's a professional and knows she can handle the experiment with ease... or can she?

Publication Date: September 6th

Carolyn Huynh

The Fortunes of Jaded Women

Following a Vietnamese family that was long ago cursed by a witch, Oanh and her descendants were sentenced to a life without love and true happiness. Oanh's descendent, Mia, is living through the curse with her 3 daughters and is desperate for guidance. She is divorced and her daughters have yet to find success in love. When Mia consults a psychic, she is told this year will be different and her long estranged distant family will be reunited. The Fortunes of Jaded Women is a testament to the strength and determination of Vietnamese woman.

Publication date: September 6th

Stephen King

Fairy Tale

Charlie Reade has a less than ideal, but relatively normal life. After losing his mother at a young age, Charlie must grow up quickly to take care of himself and his father. When he befriends an old man and his dog, he is quickly welcomed into their home and learns of the man's mysterious shed. After the old man passes, Charlie is left with a cassette tape explaining that within the old man's shed is a portal to another world. Upon opening the portal, Charlie must join a battle of good and evil with the help of his four-legged trusty companion.

Publication Date: September 6th

Candice Carty-Williams

People Person

Dimple Pennington and her 5 half siblings have been estranged from each other and their father, Cyril Pennington, for many years. As an aspiring influencer in her 30s, Dimple realizes her life isn't what she thought it would be; she's alone and without direction. When an unexpected event brings her siblings back into her life, the bunch is forced to reconnect with their distant father. She has to wonder, could her life get any more complicated?

Publication Date: September 13th

GennaRose Nethercott


Two siblings, Bellatine and Isaac, have been estranged for years and taken different paths in life. But when they receive word of a mysterious inheritance they are drawn back together. The inheritance is unlike anything they could have imagined. What they receive is a house on chicken legs named Thistlefoot that has traveled to be with them in America from Russia. Thistlefoot did not arrive alone, however. A dark figure known as the Longshadow Man is also here and will follow the trio throughout the country as they embark on a traveling theater show tour. The Man holds sinister secrets of their past and aims to use what he knows against them.

Publication Date: September 13th

Elizabeth Strout

Lucy by the Sea

Following the main character of My Name Is Lucy Barton, Lucy by the Sea is set in the early days of the pandemic. During lockdown, Lucy Barton leaves Manhattan for a home in small town Maine with her ex-husband and friend, William. Together they deal with the despair and hope that comes with isolation and learn the importance of human connection.

Publication Date: September 20th

Fredrik Backman

The Winners

If you're a fan of Fredrik Backman's Beartown or the HBO series of the same name, you're in for a treat. The Winners is the conclusion you've been waiting for. The story follows Beartown's residents who are dealing with the aftermath of the events from two years ago they would rather forget. Little do they know, big changes are coming that may just hold the answers to the questions they've long been asking.

Publication Date: September 27th

Celeste Ng

Our Missing Hearts

A young Bird Garnder has grown up with strict rules placed on him by the government with laws made to preserve "American culture." A new initiative includes ridding libraries of any "non-patriotic" text, which would include the work of Bird's mother who was a Chinese American poet. After receiving a cryptic letter, Bird begins wondering about things he knows he shouldn't. He sets out on a journey to find his long estranged mother; a journey that could spark long-overdue change throughout his country.

Publication Date: October 4th

Laurie Lico Albanese


Isobel Gamble, young seamstress with a secretive past, is forced to flee Edinburgh with her husband in the early 1800s with her husband, Edward. Upon their arrival in Salem, Edward is quickly swept away by the promise of a job, leaving Isobel alone in foreign land. It is here she meets a young Nathaniel Hawthorne. The two are kindred spirits, each having a haunting heritage. The two grow closer as they help each other struggle with their pasts. Along the way, you'll hear aspects of early New England and the 19th century, including the Underground Railroad and the witch hysteria of the time.

Publication Date: October 4th

Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

Mad Honey

Olivia McAfee's perfect life in Boston is upended when she finds out her husband isn't exactly who she thinks he is. Her and her son Asher are forced to move back to her small New Hampshire hometown. At the same time, Lily Campanello relocates with her mother to the small town to finish her last year high school. It's not long before Lily and Asher fall in love, and when Lily turns up dead, Asher is the prime suspect. Though Olivia is sure her son is innocent, she can't help but wonder if he inherited his father's dark side.

Publication Date: October 4th

Erin E. Adams 


When Liz Rocher must return to her predominantly white Pennsylvania town for her best friend's wedding, she is reluctant to say the least. As one of the few black residents, she has few fond memories of her experience here. When her friend's daughter goes missing the day of the wedding, panic ensues. Liz starts to realize the circumstances are eerily similar to that of a young black girl who went missing from a party in the woods years ago and turned up brutally murdered. She will soon find out that the town has a history of black girls going missing in these woods. Liz knows she must save her friend's daughter and end the horrifying pattern for good.

Publication Date: October 4th

Catherine Steadman

The Family Game

An aspiring novelist named Harriet believes she has it all when she falls in love with Edward Holbeck. What she doesn't realize is that her soon-to-be in-laws have some dark traditions. Edward thought he had severed ties to his family, but when word of their impending nuptials reaches the family, he and Harry are dragged back in. Harry is over the moon to see that her new family has welcomed her with open arms. That is until the head of the household passes her a cassette tape explaining their deadly Christmas tradition.

Publication Date: October 18th

George Saunders

Liberation Day: Stories

In Liberation Day:Stories, George Saunders captures exactly what it means to be human. His stories will explore topics unique to the human experience, including justice, power, and ethics. Saunders offers nine profound stories to combat our ever-unprecedented world.

Publication Date: October 18th

Barbara Kingsolver

Demon Copperhead

Inspired by Charles Dickens' David Copperfield comes another tale aimed to bring attention to institutional poverty and the damaging effects it has. A young boy lives with his single mother in a trailer in southern Appalachia. Having nothing to his name, he must grapple with foster care, child labor, and the perils of childhood in poverty.

Publication Date: October 18th

Colleen Hoover

It Starts With Us

Christmas will be in October this year for all of us Colleen Hoover lovers. The highly anticipated sequel to her iconic work, It Ends With Us is FINALLY here. Buckle up, grab your tissues, and get ready to hear Atlas's side of the story.
After Lily and Ryle finally separate and Lily and Atlas become reunited after two years, Lily starts to believe time is on their side. But Ryle is against Atlas being in Lily's and his daughter's life and will do anything to keep them apart.

Publication Date: October 18th

Veronica Roth

Poster Girl

The world as Sonya Kantor knew it was full of constant surveillance by the government, known as The Delegation. Words and actions were monitored with ocular implants and good behavior was rewarded while bad behavior was punished. Sonya was the poster-child of The Delegation, and when their governmental reign fell, she was taken prisoner by the new regime. Under the new order of the Aperture, Sonya is offered a deal: find a girl who was stolen by the previous regime, bring her back, and earn her own freedom. Sonya must take on life in the new world, and in doing so uncovers dark secrets of her family's past.

Publication Date: October 18th

Cormac McCarthy

The Passenger

Bobby Western is a salvage diver who one morning is tasked with diving to the site of a plane crash in southern Mississippi. What he finds is the bodies of 9 of the ten passengers. Along with the tenth, the pilot's flight bag and the plane's black box are also missing. It turns out Western may have uncovered a conspiracy that, for his sake, may have been better left uncovered.

Publication Date: October 25th

Kevin Wilson

Now Is Not the Time to Panic

A young aspiring writer named Frankie Budge finds herself dreading another lonely summer in her Tennessee town until she meets Zeke, an artist who just moved to town. Together, the two creatives begin making anonymous, artistic posters. When people in their town find the morbid posters and don't know where they've come from, panic ensues. Frankie and Zeke must deal with the repercussions of their actions, which inevitably separates them. 20 years later, an adult Francis is questioned by a reporter who wonders if she may have played a role in the hysteria that took place years before. Will the truth upend her carefully built life?

Publication Date: November 8th

Michelle Obama

The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times

The follow up we always needed to Becoming is finally here. In her new book, Michelle Obama tackles some of life's biggest and most important questions about relationships, community, self-doubt, and more. In today's uncertain world, Michelle offers stories that will inspire us to tackle change and challenges with grace and a "lightness" that we can share with others.

Publication Date: November 15th

Heather Radke

Butts: A Backstory

Here comes a story on the evolution and sensationalization of, you guessed it, butts! Radke takes a deep dive into the most emphasized human body part, taking a look at its physical evolution in relation to survival, as well as the part it has played in popular culture throughout the years. And you know Sir Mix-a-Lot's name will come up a time or two.

Publication Date: November 22nd


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