The #1 Pet Hack That Makes My Dog’s Life (and Mine) Better

I have something to get off my chest… I am a crazy dog parent. I brought home my first dog, Olive, when I was a 20-year-old full-time college student who also worked retail. My life was busy and looking back, no, I wouldn’t encourage someone at my life stage and with my *ahem* lack of financial resources to get a dog. However, the second my sweet little puppy was in my arms, she became my entire world. I’m talking spending money I didn’t have to get her every single thing my favorite dog influencers were shilling on Instagram (and trying to make her become a dog influencer herself), planning my entire days around getting her to the dog park, and yes, buying expensive, high-quality food while I stretched my on-campus food budget to the absolute limit. I wanted (and still very much want) her to have the best of everything, and this mentality has stayed with me as my family has grown… to include two more dogs. 



I’m sure I’ve spent an astronomical amount of money on my pets over the years, including finally buying a home so they could have the yard they deserve, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. That’s one thing all pet parents have in common: they want what’s best for their pets. So when I got the chance to try Nom Nom, a personalized fresh food service for Otis, my youngest pup, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. And because I know I’m not the only crazy dog lady out there, I’m sharing all the details with you. But spoiler alert: if your wallet can swing it, Nom Nom is a no-brainer.

Nom Nom

Personalized Meal Plan

Nom Nom’s meals feature fresh, protein-packed recipes, tailored to your dog’s recommended caloric intake and health needs.

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About Nom Nom

Nom Nom’s entire mission is centered around helping dogs live their happiest, healthiest lives, and if that isn’t a mission every single person on the planet can’t get behind, I don’t know what is. Backed by science, Nom Nom’s on-staff Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists formulate each of their recipes to ensure they are nutritionally balanced and contain real, whole food ingredients that support your dog’s health and happiness.



Otis just turned one, is super active, and full of energy—a lifestyle that requires very different nutrition needs than say, my senior pup, Poncho. Rather than guess what he needs, Nom Nom makes it easy to make sure I’m doing everything I can to keep him healthy as he grows.

Just like with us, what goes in your dog’s body matters. Other Nommers that consistently feed Nom Nom have reported improvements in their dog’s coat, energy levels, breath (thank god), and stools. Your dog can’t tell you how they’re feeling, but you can see when its health improves. Otis loves food (more on that later), but he goes nuts when I break out his daily Nom Nom, and there’s nothing quite like having a happy, excited pup around.



My experience

Otis, though I love him to death, isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He loves food, and will sit patiently next to me at the dinner table hoping, praying, and begging for scraps, and he loves his own dinner time too. However, he also has the attention span of a goldfish and after spending a few moments scarfing down his dinner, he inevitably gets distracted by that thing over there and abandons his bowl. If I’m not paying close enough attention, my other two dogs take this as their sign to dig into the other half of Otis’ food. Between wrangling Otis and making sure each dog sticks to their individual bowls, mealtime is quite the ordeal. However, since starting Nom Nom, the house could straight-up be crumbling around him and Otis would not abandon his dinner. 

If Otis liked food before, he certainly loves it now. I often find him back in the kitchen, the bowl previously licked clean, trying to lick it even cleaner because he loves the food so much. And because of all of the aforementioned benefits of Nom Nom (fresh ingredients, easy pre-portioned packages delivered straight to my door), this switch has been a major win for me too. There’s a lot to love about Nom Nom, and I feel confident that they’re providing him with the best food out there for his continued growth and health. Throughout my early 20s, I often wondered whether or not I was actually doing enough for my first dog. Today, I know for a fact I am and Nom Nom is a big part of that. Interested in trying it for your own pup? Here’s how:


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How Nom Nom works

After filling out a short survey so Nom Nom can get to know your pup, Nom Nom will craft a meal plan for your pet’s specific needs. This plan will include pre-portioned meals filled with fresh, whole ingredients—like beef, chicken, pork, peas, carrots, kale, and more—that you keep in your freezer or fridge until meal time. Your dog (and by extension, you) will reap the benefits over time. As they grow into different life stages, Nom Nom will adjust their plan, ensuring you’re always giving them the best possible food for their health. 

For many, dogs are like children, and for that reason, I love how holistic Nom Nom’s approach is. Yes, you’ll be free from the guesswork of mealtime and the delivery subscription will mean you never have to make a late-night run to the pet store again, but Nom Nom also cares just as much about my dog’s health as I do, and that is a massive win for dog parents everywhere. Plus, right now you can try it and get 50% off!

Nom Nom

Personalized Meal Plan

Nom Nom’s meals feature fresh, protein-packed recipes, tailored to your dog’s recommended caloric intake and health needs.

Try it now for 50% off!


Our team weighs in

I’m not the only Everygirl who’s had a great experience with Nom Nom either. Senior Graphic Designer Kirra’s dog, Scout, is famously picky around mealtime (we’re talking ignoring food altogether). With Nom Nom, this behavior is a thing of the past.

Besides feeling good about knowing she’s providing fresh, nutrient-dense food to her pup Lulu (more lovingly known as Lucifer for her devil-like tendencies), our Senior Social Media Editor Keely is jazzed about the convenience that Nom Nom offers. As many other busy dog moms can likely relate, Keely is all too familiar with the feeling of going to feed her furry friend and realizing she forgot to pick up a new bag of food on her way home. With a Nom Nom subscription and an adjustable delivery schedule, being stocked up is easier than ever.



Final thoughts: If it fits your budget, hell yes

If our experience isn’t enough to convince you, Nom Nom’s other stellar reviews also speak for themselves. Whether your dog is incredibly picky, has food sensitivities, or you simply want to give your dog the best of the best (and don’t we all), you can rest assured that a tailored Nom Nom plan will fit your needs perfectly. 


This post was in partnership with Nom Nom but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.