The Outfit Combinations We Always Get Compliments On


Everyone has their go-to outfit — the one that you just feel the most you in. It’s your uniform, your clothing security blanket.

Here at The Everygirl, we’ve recently done a lot of talking about what that outfit is for each of our editors — what combination of clothes we each would wear every single day if we could (and what we all picture each other in, or is that just an us thing?)

We discovered that each of us has a distinctive, definite uniform — Beth that can rock a tee and statement earrings better than just about anyone, I will be buried in something blush, and Abigail would wear a baseball cap down the aisle if she could. This is each of our editor’s favorite outfits — we don’t care if we’re outfit repeaters.



If I was forced to describe my style, I’d say it’s somewhere at the intersection of feminine and cool. I love mixing trends into my wardrobe, but have certain philosophies that I stay true to no matter what (I gravitate toward blush like a moth to a lamp) — I just truly love feeling girly.

I love a straight-leg or mom-fit of denim — they just add something to my outfits that skinny jeans (or in this case, tighter jean shorts) don’t. And this top has been my absolute go-to for the spring — it’s the absolute perfect shade of pink and the on-trend sleeves are puffy in a I-can-wear-this-to-a-barbecue-and-not-look-like-I’m-trying-too-hard kind of way. This whole combination can be worn on a date or to happy hour or to the 7,000 graduation parties your mom is forcing you to go to this summer.

Formula: mom-fit denim shorts + puff-sleeve top + white sneakers + straw bag + round aviators

denim shorts / top / sneakers / sunglasses / bag




When I was just a baby intern, I wore this outfit to the office, and Kelly Etz (an idol of mine) said she loved it. So, basically, whenever I wear it, I feel like a million bucks because Kelly said so! (I also love it because it’s the perfect mix of casual and cute, and I can dress it up so easily with a pair of heels and a blazer. It’s also so easy to pair with a red lip or smokey eye — my fave!)

Formula: straight-leg jeans + white tee + statement earrings + beige sandals

jeans / tee / toteearrings / sandals




If we’re being honest, I do my best to standout from the crowd (what can I say, I like attention!), but simultaneously feel lazy about 90 percent of my life. My lazy-girl fix for attention-grabbing outfits is a simple uniform I go back to basically every time I leave the house (I told you I was lazy!) – an off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder top (for an interesting twist), skinny jeans (because #basic), and an on-trend pair of mules that are as comfortable as they are stylish (I’ve decided high-heeled mules are my spirit animal) is my outfit formula that just doesn’t fail.

Formula: high-waist skinny jeans + off-the-shoulder top + mules + straw clutch

jeans / top  / mules / straw clutch




There is no problem a leather jacket can’t solve. Pair it with a sleek black jumpsuit and lots of big hair and you’ve got yourself one hell of a sexy power outfit. Wear it to anything: brunch? You know it. A baby shower? You’re the cool aunt. Dinner and drinks with Michael B. Jordan? Michael, thank you so much for asking.

Formula: block heel + jumpsuit + leather jacket + hair accessory

jumpsuit / block heel / leather jacket / hair clip




The number one desire of my life is to be comfortable — and I truly believe that I don’t have to sacrifice looking cute to do just that. The look I constantly go for is “celebrity at the airport who is kind of hoping the paparazzi catches her” (a real niche struggle, but someone’s gotta do it!). I love when t-shirts make topical pop culture references, and these sneaks are my favorite shoes I’ve ever owned.

Formula: joggers + tee + jean jacket + hat

joggers / top / hat / jacket / shoes




I love that this outfit is simple and comfortable. The white jeans make it look dressier and it’s the perfect wear-everywhere outfit for summer.

Formula: tie tank top + white jeans + white sandals + classic tote


tank top / jeans / sandals / tote / sunglasses