9 Podcasts To Listen To If You Want To Manifest Your Soulmate

written by BETH GILLETTE
Source: Rawpixel
Source: Rawpixel

While you’re sitting at your desk, doing your silly little to-do list all day, you’ll likely pop on a podcast at some point. Maybe it’s an interview pod (please call me for an interview, Kristen Bell), our very own The Everygirl Podcast, a true crime story, or something really niche (you know I live and breathe a beauty podcast). But if you’re trying to manifest a partner this year, boost your current relationship, or just have some good sex (aren’t we all?), we recommend one of these popular relationship podcasts.

There are so many podcasts out there (some really good and some really bad), so we did the hard work of vetting which actually has the best advice.


1. Girls Gotta Eat

Episodes: 260+

This podcast discusses dating, sex, and relationships in the most hilarious way. Co-hosts Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg ask the same questions we all have about dating and sex (red flags, meeting the family, and booty calls) just like you would with your BFFs. Our favorite episode is this one about booty calls and body image with Katie Sturino.


2. We Met At Acme

Episodes: 280+

You know all those things everyone’s wondering but no one talks about? You’ll learn about them on We Met At Acme, hosted by relationships expert Lindsey Metselaar. Each episode touches on dating, sex, relationships, and vulnerability, with topics such as “If they wanted to, would they?” and what to do when all of your friends are married and you’re still single. Scroll back to May 2021 for an episode with the Countess Luann De Lesseps (shoutout to all my Bravo fans).


3. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Episodes: 270+

In an effort to figure out her own dating life (she considers herself “perpetually single”), Nicole Byer invites comedians, friends, and ex-flings to her podcast to ask about their dating lives in hopes of figuring out her own. 


4. The Viall Files

Episodes: 530+

Whether you’re a Bachelor lover or not, you’ve likely heard of Nick Viall. He’s a standard amongst Bachelor Nation and has made a career out of showing his own dating life on TV and online. On his podcast, he talks all things relationships, interviewing guests and answering questions about dating and relationships. We highly recommend the episode with influencer Remi Bader, in which she discusses why she isn’t dating right now (and why that’s totally OK). 


5. Dating Kinda Sucks

Episodes: 160+

Ain’t that the truth? If you’re fed up with dating and want to actually meet a partner, this is the pod for you. Hosts Sarah G and comedian Adam Avitable have honest, raw discussions about dating and topics like unmatching, situationships, and getting out of the “penpal” phase of talking on apps. 


6. Modern Love

Episodes: 300+

The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column has been a mainstay for 16 years, giving readers a look into the love lives of real people (and just how complicated they can be). Daniel Jones, editor and creator of the column, and Miya Lee, editor of “Tiny Love Stories” and “Modern Love” projects, bring us along on their favorite stories from the column with the authors and celebrity guests. 


7. U Up?

Episodes: 450+ 

With Betches cofounder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, U Up? is all about dating in the modern age—you know, the time in which we only meet people on apps, 2 a.m. “WYD?” texts are the norm, and ghosting is the new “he broke up with me over the phone.” They answer all the modern dating questions you have—with the classic Betches humor, of course. 


8. Was That Good for You?

Episodes: 60+

Sex educator Raya Carmona talks shamelessly about sex with her guests in this podcast. She talks porn, kinks, “daddy issues,” and more, interviewing experts in the fields she’s discussing. Don’t miss the episode on incorporating CBD into your sex life—you’ll want to order a CBD lube ASAP. 


9. Dating Straight 

Episodes: 90+

Sadly, this podcast isn’t still airing, but the backlist of episodes is still totally bingeable. Lesbian and relationships-pessimist Amy comes together with gay, hopeless romantic Jack to give it to you straight—dating advice, that is. They interview guests (like Rebecca Black, Tyler Oakley, Miss J. Alexander, and more) about everything from falling in love on the first date (been there) to dealing with heartbreak.