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I’m a Sex Writer—Here Are the 6 Vibrators I’m Trying

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When someone asks how I’m doing living alone and being single during a pandemic, I pretty much always mutter something along the lines of, “You know, it’s not all that bad… as long as I keep my vibrators charged.” (That maybe wouldn’t have gone over so well at a larger family Christmas dinner, but perhaps that’s a silver lining.) 

I don’t mind being alone if I have a little help from some of my friends. And I’m not just talking about the sexual impacts of masturbation (although those are quite nice), but I feel happier, less stressed, and more productive when I treat embracing my sexuality like another piece of self-care. Now, I’ve written about sex for a while now (we’re coming up on three years!), so I’ve researched vibrators the same way someone else might research designer handbags or the best workout equipment. And after all that, I’ve made quite the list of vibes I’m excited to get my hands on this year. To say the vibrator gods have blessed us would be an understatement.

Thrill Massager

Everyone needs a basic travel-friendly vibrator in their collection, and this is the current one I’m into (spoiler: I’ve already tried… and love!). It’s small but mighty, boasting three speeds, a water-resistant rose gold plating, and is rechargeable. It’s also available on Prime, so you’ll have it just in time to start your week right.

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Nasty Gal
Pleasure Egg and Remote

I haven’t been the same since I discovered that Nasty Gal carries sex toys. It’s a super discreet way to order toys if you’re worried about parents, siblings, or nosy neighbors; the prices are unbeatable (they’re always on sale); and the styles are really trendy (just like their clothes!) and in cute colors that look less like a torture device and more like your cute self-care tool. I’ve always wanted one of these remote vibrators (my ideal date involves an amusement park, a long car ride, and a remote vibe, but that’s just me), but they tend to be really expensive. This one is under $30 and has all the bells and whistles I could ask for.

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Love Honey
7 Function G-Spot Vibrator

A G-Spot vibrator is a new horizon, and the specs on this one compared to the price make it easy to try something new. This is meant to offer internal G-spot stimulation, and it has three speeds with four vibrating patterns to give you vaginal orgasms you’ve never experienced before. No partner during quarantine? This sounds like the one.

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Nasty Gal
Rabbit Vibrator

A classic rabbit vibrator will always make my list, and I'm really into this Nasty Gal option. Rabbit vibes can be pricey, and this one has everything you'd ever need at a true fraction of the cost. The only downside is that it takes batteries instead of being rechargeable, so have a package on hand when this arrives to start using ASAP.

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As soon as I saw this little guy around Valentine's Day, it immediately made my wishlist. Not only is it super cute, but this suction vibrator makes clitoral stimulation so easy. If you're one who doesn't get off from vaginal stimulation, you'll know the struggle when it comes to figuring out the best ways to treat yourself. Let me tell you: a suction vibrator is it. This one is a little different from others I've tried (namely the Satisfyer Pro I've been convincing everyone I know to buy for years) because the opening, speeds, and suction style were created to truly mimic a mouth and tongue—Need I say more?

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Vibe Personal Massager

This Instagrammable vibrator sells out constantly, so obviously I had to check it out for myself. This has three speeds, is waterproof, and acts as a 2021-version of your ever-popular massage wand. I love that this is rechargeable (wands often aren’t if they’re really powerful—we’ve all seen the classic Hitachi wand), and it comes with a pouch for discreet, safe storage and travel.

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