We’re Calling It: “Sexy Water” Is Going to Be This Summer’s Biggest Wellness Trend

sexy water"
sexy water
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Staying hydrated is nothing revolutionary, yet no one is drinking enough water. Optimal hydration helps enhance cognitive function, improve mood, and allow your organs to function effectively. Increasing your water intake can also improve gut health as it facilitates the breakdown of food and helps you absorb nutrients. It also aids in detoxification and keeping your skin clear and supple by hydrating the skin from the inside out, which can help to reduce dryness, dullness, and fine lines.

But drinking plain old water can get, well, boring, which is a big reason a lot of people are not drinking enough. That’s where TikTok’s viral “sexy water” comes in, originally coined by TikTok creator Kelly Grace Mae. By transforming your everyday water into a “sexy” drinking experience you’ll look forward to, you can boost your water intake while adding benefits to plain water. The result is an easy habit stack that also tastes delicious. Ahead, what “sexy water” is and some recipes to try for yourself. 

What is “sexy water?”

The term comes down to romanticizing your water intake by adding a variety of supplements, fruits, or veggies to make the experience more pleasurable and luxurious, as well as increasing water intake because you want to drink your water. “Sexy water became this romanticized time for me in the morning to drink my water and make it more fun,” Mae told Women’s Wear Daily. “It felt like less of a chore and more of this self-care ritual.” And as she shared in a recent TikTok post: “It feels like you’re drinking water that they gave you at a fancy, expensive spa.”

Mae’s go-to recipe includes adding a blend of powders: collagen, Cowboy Colostrum, creatine, Kroma Wellness Cranberry Hydration Elixir, Rainbo 11:11 Multi-Vitamin Mushroom Tincture, Sakara Beauty Water Drops, and lemon, but she explained in her TikTok that it doesn’t have to involve so many different supplements. “A ‘sexy water’ doesn’t have to be this extra,” she expressed. “A ‘sexy water’ can just be literally water, ice, and lemon. Drink your water is the point.” You can try adding nootropics, electrolytes, collagen, or colostrum powder to your water to pack in benefits like boosting skin and gut health, promoting better sleep, and improving mood. But for a more cost-effective option, simply adding fruits or herbs (like mint, lemon, cucumbers, or berries) to your average water can be a creative way to add natural flavor to your water and increase nutrients.

It’s important to note that not all alternative supplements have the same regulation guidelines, and some supplements may interact with one another if you mix them. Talk to your doctor and check the manufacturer’s recommendations before trying the “sexy water” routine.  

“Sexy Water” Recipes

To get glowy AF skin…

A refreshing peach flavor combined with collagen is great for healthy, glowing skin. In a recent study, participants who used collagen saw an improvement in the firmness, suppleness, and moisture content on the skin’s surface. This sparkling peach blend tastes like a peach sangria and is perfect to drink as an alcohol substitute or when your skin needs some extra hydrating TLC. 

To increase focus…

Antioxidant-rich berries paired with lion’s mane are an electrolyte-rich super drink that can take your cognitive health to the next level. This blend is perfect for before taking a test or if you’re working toward a tight deadline. Although studies are limited, new research suggests lion’s mane can help boost mental performance and magnify memory. 

To recover after a night out…

Detoxifying chlorophyll has been shown to remove endocrine-disrupting chemicals from the body. Pair it with lion’s mane, a boost of electrolytes, and a refreshing hint of mint, cucumber, and lime for a morning-after-a-late-night elixir. 

To help you fall asleep…

A sleepy girl mocktail was basically the OG sexy water. A tablespoon or two of unsweetened cherry juice contains two sleep-inducing components: tryptophan and melatonin, which can help you relax and signal to your body it’s time for sleep. Magnesium can help activate neurotransmitters that aid in relaxing your body. The addition of lavender scent and taste also helps calm stress and relax the body. I love the flavor of lavender, and swapping in this “sexy water” mix has really helped boost my before-bed routine.

To support your immune system…

Tropical fruits combined with colostrum can help boost immune support. Several studies show promising evidence that colostrum can help boost immunity and strengthen the intestinal barrier. Add some electrolytes for hydration, and you’re off to a great start in supporting your immunity. This is by far the closest flavor to something you’d drink while sitting on a beach, and the health benefits are packed into every tasty, hydration-packed sip.

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