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How I Decluttered and Organized My Makeup Stash

When I first moved into my apartment, I thought I was the luckiest girl on Earth. I looked at—I kid you not—about 25 apartments over a two-month period. I used my lunch almost every work-from-home day to go look at apartments, and my weeknights were booked with apartment viewings too. I spent more time on Zillow than Instagram and Twitter combined. It was one of the most stressful experiences, and I still have some low-key trauma to work through from it. So when I finally found the one, it was perfect. I loved every single thing about it, and I had grand plans for how I’d decorate and make it my “forever” (AKA until they increase the rent, LOL) home. Well, I didn’t exactly move with a bank account full of savings. I ordered the bare essentials to get me through the first few weeks, and that’s pretty much how it went for the last six months. I’ve officially reached capacity for my makeup storage, and I was in desperate need of a declutter. (I also caught quite the organizational bug as soon as I started social distancing.) I did it on a budget because I’d rather spend my cash on new eyeshadow palettes! Here are all the steps I took to get my makeup stash in order—from getting rid of products I don’t use to what I used to organize and decorate my favorite space in my home. Time to get your organization on.
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