I Tried Spanx’s New Leather Leggings—Here’s What I Thought

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If there’s one thing you’re probably sick of hearing about from our team—besides Nancy Meyers, Harry Styles, and French culture as a whole—it’s probably the Spanx leather leggings. I can’t think of a single member of our team who doesn’t have them, and we all wear them to death and consider them a top-five wardrobe staple. We aren’t faking it; we love the damn things.

If I had to find a complaint about mine, I’d say one, single thing: they don’t exactly look like leather. They look more like a leather/legging hybrid, which is fitting because that’s exactly what they are, but once in a blue moon, I want to look more like Olivia Newton John sewn into leather pants that are as tight to her body as her own skin than I want to look like I’m just wearing leather leggings. And lo and behold, the universe felt this energy and delivered me a gift in the form of a targeted ad for Spanx’s new, patent leather leggings.

There they were in all their glory: a pair of leather-looking leggings, with shine and all, that allegedly felt like leggings too. Because of the amount of wear I get out of my classic Spanx leather leggings, I ordered them in the same size, ready to spend the rest of quarantine sitting on my couch in patent leather.



I’m not going to lie: when I first took these out of the package, it gave me pause. It seemed like they might make a little bit of noise when I walked because of their faux-leatherness, and while I’m all about dressing slightly ridiculous, noisy leggings just are something I can’t do. But once I put them on, my fears were voided, and to my absolute surprise, they actually felt pretty similar to how my original leggings feel on my body: like real leggings.



Out the gate, I love how these look and feel. If you’re in the same boat as me where you want something that looks a little more like real leather, these are absolutely the answer. They’re as comfortable as any faux-leather pant could possibly be, but look like real leather. Any tighter leather pant can be a nightmare fit-wise, and these are absolutely foolproof (for reference, I’m wearing a size medium here, which is true to size according to their size charts). These can make anything from sweaters to a cropped sweatshirt to just a T-shirt look cool and feel dressed-up while remaining comfortable and seamless. 


The Spanx leather leggings are an investment, but one that I’ve found paid for themselves in cost per wear—I truly could not wear mine more, and they’re still in perfect condition after 18 months of having them. Because of that, I’m so glad to be adding this somewhat-of-an-investment piece into my wardrobe too. If you told me at the beginning of 2020 that I’d be wearing leather pants while working from home, I wouldn’t have believed you, but it isn’t the most surprising thing of the year.