This Manifestation App Is the Busy Girl’s Secret to Success

"the perfect mix of meditation and multitasking to rewire the brain"
Superhuman meditation app"
Superhuman meditation app
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

As a wellness girlie, I’m no stranger to meditation. Over the years, I’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and tried meditation countless times, but the result has always been the same: I found it hard to focus; my brain couldn’t seem to quiet down. I decided maybe meditation just isn’t for me.

What I have found to work for me, though, is affirmations. They’re easy to remember, don’t necessarily require a quiet space, and can be said anywhere at any time. After learning how much I enjoy affirmations, I wondered, “What if I could do both?” Enter: the Superhuman app. This app brings together the best of both meditation and affirmations and after seeing all my favorite influencers and wellness girls rave about it, I decided to give it a try. Read on to learn more about the Superhuman app and my experience incorporating it into my wellness practice.

What is Superhuman?

If you’ve listened to The Everygirl Podcast, you may be familiar with Mimi Bouchard, the CEO and founder of Superhuman, which is a meditation app filled with audio recordings. Bouchard began the app after her own manifestation practices changed her life—she wanted to give others the tools to live their best lives and reach their ultimate potential too. Traditional meditation typically requires a quiet space and plenty of time to focus on your breath or repeat a mantra or affirmation. Superhuman doesn’t follow this formula, though. Instead, it offers meditations and affirmations that can be done during everyday situations like getting ready, running errands, or cooking. In other words, it mixes meditation and multitasking, meant to rewire the brain to set you up for success and positive thinking. Superhuman also promises to “compliment your busy life, rather than interrupt it.” Sounds great, right?

The app also has a variety of topics to choose from such as motivating pep talks, stress and anxiety relief, relaxation for sleep, and manifestation to step into your future self. You can also choose from meditations based on the time of day, or if you’re not in the mood for a spoken meditation, there’s frequency music you can listen to instead. TLDR; Superhuman has something for everyone.

My experience using the app

As someone who’s tried meditating before with no luck, I was skeptical that the Superhuman app would be different than anything I’ve tried before. In an effort to better manage my stress and add to my manifestation practice, I decided to give it a try instead of listening to my usual true crime podcast during walks, cooking, or my commute time in the car.

At first, I felt awkward going about my usual tasks while someone talked to me in a soothing voice about reframing my thinking, but it didn’t take long for me to get comfortable with it. I actually started to prefer listening to meditations rather than music or podcasts and began reaching for them without thinking.

After a week or two, they became a regular part of my routine. I enjoyed listening to the morning motivation meditations to start my morning in a positive headspace before I even left my house for the day. I also started looking to them for immediate relief in stressful situations or as a mood booster if I was feeling down. I also noticed an impact on my regular mood and thinking, feeling overall happier, less stressed, and more energized since I was filling my time with positive thinking. The future self or manifestation-focused audios were helpful because I could easily tap into more confident energy immediately, which genuinely made a difference in how I showed up before a big meeting or gym session.

The verdict

After a month of incorporating the Superhuman app into my everyday wellness routine, I can officially say I’m a meditation convert for a couple of reasons. First, the guided aspect of Superhuman’s meditations takes the pressure off of meditating “correctly.” In the past, focusing on my breath and trying to eliminate my thoughts would stress me out, but with Superhuman, I focused my attention on the soothing voice of the recording and the message being shared. If my thoughts drifted away from the meditation, I would simply shift my attention back to the recording and the words being said, whereas with traditional meditation I’d get frustrated that I let other thoughts creep in.

I also enjoyed the various lengths of meditations on the app. It offers everything from two-minute resets to half-hour morning meditations, both of which I’ve loved listening to. The two-minute resets or other short recordings are great if you need a quick reset in the middle of the day or after a stressful situation, and the longer recordings are perfect to listen to during hot girl walks or long drives.

As skeptical as I was originally, the meditations and affirmations have helped me reframe my thinking and improve my overall mood. I’m looking forward to continuing to include Superhuman’s meditations in other aspects of my daily routines and using them to continue manifesting my best life.