20 Swimsuit Cover Ups To Elevate Any Beach Day

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Source: Stocksy

Swimsuit cover-ups are the unsung heroes of summer. Sure, bathing suits get a lot of praise and attention come summertime, and for good reason. It’s probably because we’ve been hiding under layers upon layers of clothing all winter long and can’t wait to emerge, near-naked and ready for the sunshine to touch areas of our body that quite literally haven’t seen the light of day in months.

But when the next pool or beach day comes, you bet your bottom dollar we aren’t diving headfirst into being complete nudists. Enter our trusty swimsuit cover-ups that have become as much of a comfort-level necessity as they’ve become a total fashion statement. And if you’re in the market for a new go-to sarong, beach pant, or caftan dress, look no further. These 20 cover-ups are here to make hot girl summer your coolest one yet: