10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Eating Inspiration


Instagram is one our favorite social media platforms of all time. It’s great for keeping up with friends, sharing successes (and failures), sparking creativity, and stalking love interests (whoops). While Instagram can indeed be a time sucker and comparison starter, I am a firm believer that the good outweighs its harm. One of these amazing benefits? Health inspiration. Not only can you find awesome workout routines and tips, but there is also a plethora of healthy recipes available at the double-tap of a screen. Need some help finding healthy Foodstagrams? Look no further. Here, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite healthy food Instagram accounts. What are you waiting for!? Go follow them all!


1. Jeanine Donofrio of Love and Lemons, @loveandlemons

Why follow? Jeanine’s food photography is so gorgeous, it’ll almost make you forget how healthy her food is. Her recipes are veggie-based, but they’re a hit with carnivores too!


2. Kruti Shah, @_kruti

Why follow? Not only are Kruti’s photos a minimalist’s dream, but she also manages to make fruits and veggies look SO fun and dynamic. Kruti’s also open about her past struggles with eating disorders — it’s refreshing to see someone so open about their evolving relationship with food (something we all struggle with from time to time!).


3. Samantha Eason, @sammyyeason

Why follow? Eggs on eggs on eggs! (She also has a really cute child, and she sometimes posts pictures of their adventures too!)


4. LeafTV, @leaftv


Why follow? LeafTV is fun and quirky, but that’s not why I love it. This account features how-to videos, basically negating any and all excuses we could possibly find to not try out their recipes.


5. Jeannette Ogden, @shutthekaleup

Why follow? I follow Jeannette because I’m bound and determined to learn her secrets to eating chocolate AND maintaining the perfect set of abs. Jeannette’s recipes and tips are interspersed with workout videos and slice-of-life snapshots, which I think is great — it makes me feel like we’re friends!


6. Rachael DeVaux, @rachaelsgoodeats

Why follow? Rachael is a registered dietician, but she still eats cheese and fries. How could I not love her!? She promotes a healthy balance in your diet, and she’s a whiz with an avocado!


7. Kelly LeVeque, @bewellbykelly

Why follow? I’ve talked before about how much I love Kelly’s cookbook, Body Love, but her Insta is just as great. I wish Kelly could follow me around and make every single meal for me — she makes every healthy meal look like a party. You’ll love her famous Fab Four smoothie recipes!


8. Tiffany Acevedo, @nourishedbykale

Why follow? That is a paleo donut. I REPEAT: A PALEO DONUT. You really can have it all.


9. Sua Park, @feedyourglow

Why follow? Want to eat your way to your best skin ever? Sua can show you how.


10. Alison Wu, @alison_wu

Why follow? Alison is the smoothie bowl QUEEN. You’ll never have to spend upwards of $10 on one again — she’ll teach you how to make a delicious one right in your home. (She also has really great hair, which I appreciate.)


What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow for healthy recipes? Share your recommendations in the comments!