9 Timeless Handbags That Will Never Go Out of Style

Dog might be man’s best friend, but a woman’s best friend is her handbag (I’m just kidding, dogs! I take it back!). So maybe “best friend” is extensive, but handbags are definitely a good friend — they’re always with you, they hold your secrets and your lipstick, and they’re well worth the investment. Since you need a good handbag no matter where you go, why not invest in a bag that will be with you (like a true friend) forever? If your resolution in 2019 is to have a grown-up wardrobe (isn’t it all of ours?), consider getting these classic styles that every grown-ass woman needs in her closet. To quote Taylor Swift, these are the handbags that will “never go out of style.”



The Chain Crossbody Purse


The Foldover Clutch


The Tote Bag


The Bucket Bag


The Cardholder Wallet


The Grown-up Backpack


The Structured Work Purse


The Weekender


The Top Handle Purse