Inspired by ‘The Holiday,’ Dress Like Amanda on Iris’ Budget With These Looks

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If you ask us, sitting right next to Elf and Home Alone at the top of the Best Christmas Movies of All Time list is the Nancy Meyers classic, The Holiday. The star-studded cast, non-cringy romances, actually funny humor, and beautiful scenery are everything you want out of a holiday film—and it’s one of the first things we check off of our Christmas must-do lists every year.

Whether you’re an Amanda or an Iris at heart, you can still fully appreciate the struggles they’re going through and the looks they’re serving throughout the movie. Because of their very different lifestyles and income streams, it’s obvious they were shopping at two totally different ends of the mall in 2006. However, times have changed, and both modern fashion and this movie have aged beautifully. 

We’re sharing how you can dress in Amanda’s chic, Los Angeles style while on Iris’ comfortable, small-town budget.


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pajamaspajamas (plus-size) | necklaceslippers 

Amanda always looks fabulous, even first thing in the morning. To no one’s surprise, this top-performing movie trailer producer is definitely not wearing T-shirts to bed. Instead, she’s always rocking a matching silk set to pretend like she has it all together (even if her love life is a mess).



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turtleneckturtleneck (plus-size) | sunglassesglovesjeansjeans (plus-size) | boots

Fresh off a plane flying first class, Amanda pulled up to Iris’ house in a casual but chic winter outfit. Unlike her personality, her style is quite muted and simple. This pairing of a white turtleneck sweater, jeans, and sunglasses says it all about the unexpected events that are soon to take place in Surrey.



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beretscarf | turtleneckturtleneck (plus-size) | coatcoat (plus-size) | jeansjeans (plus-size) | boots

Is off-white the new black? According to Amanda, it is. She loves a neutral moment with a pop of color as a statement piece. If you’re traveling somewhere cold this holiday season, this is a look you can easily emulate. The fur coat with the matching hat and colorful scarf is an outfit anyone can pull off (and if you’re going to splurge on anything, let it be a faux fur coat).



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blouseblouse (plus-size) | belt | skirtskirt (plus-size) | heels

Normally, laying in a tent would call for a more casual outfit, but this nice blouse and pencil skirt scored her a compliment from the kids and ended up working out just fine. For those nights out where you can easily take off your coat and enjoy the ambiance, take a number out of Amanda’s book and go with an elevated yet comfortable outfit.



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scarf | turtleneckturtleneck (plus-size) | coatjeansboots

When it comes to your winter wardrobe, a stylish coat is a staple piece. Depending on how cold the weather is, a coat can actually serve as your entire outfit for the day (with several layers underneath, of course). Amanda has a few coats she frequents throughout the movie that keep her warm, even during the most chilling situations—and it’s a look that doesn’t have to cost a full paycheck if you do it right.



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