7 Easy Wardrobe Swaps We’re Making to Have a Trendier Winter


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Source: @ petiteelliee
Source: @ petiteelliee

It’s a rule of life: Just like the sun will come up again tomorrow and Pete Davidson will be dating another new A-list celeb next month, trends are something that follow the seasons—and that goes for winter trends too.

Winter trends aren’t talked about like fall and spring trends are, but just like the seasons that get more fashion attention, winter trends come and go each year. Coats, boots, sweaters—all of them have classic options that we’ll love for the foreseeable future but also have new, updated versions that make dressing for winter more fun than any black parka could ever feel.

Ready to upgrade your winter wardrobe and avoid that January clothing slump? Here are easy swaps to make with your go-to pieces to try something new this winter.


Instead of: Crewneck sweatshirts

Try: Hoodies

We went through a long phase of crewneck sweatshirts being the premiere form of loungewear, but hoodies have made their way back onto the top of our sweats piles and are officially our most-worn piece of winter 2021 so far.

Instead of basic crewneck sweatshirts, ones with hoodies of all forms are taking their place. The best part? They look super chic underneath a wool coat.


Basic Hoodie

5 colors available

Zella Plus

Cara Hoodie

3 colors available

Alo Yoga

Accolade Hoodie

2 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

Boyfriend Hoodie

5 colors available

Instead of: Saving skirts and dresses for summer

Try: Dresses and skirts with tights and boots

There was a time when tights were reserved for 2-year-olds and those of us who had to dress business casual to an office, but tights are officially back, and they’re making all of our skirts and dresses wearable in the cold months.

Wear your go-to skirts and dresses with a pair of tights and your favorite boots and throw on a coat, and you have a look that’s perfect for the holiday season. If you’re feeling a bit extra, opt for a pair of tights with a subtle, fun pattern.


Opaque Tights

4 colors available

Instead of: Plain puffers

Try: Puffers in bright colors, fun materials, and bold prints

Anyone who lives in a colder climate is tied to their puffer coat for the better part of the year, which means that their outermost layer is always going to be dictated by whichever one you opt for. And in 2021? We’re making an easy swap by trying out a colorful, out-of-the-box puffer.

From bright colors to fur and corduroy materials to oversized fits, your puffer coat should spark joy every time you put it on—and this winter is the time we’re making it happen.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Faux Fur Puffer

8 colors available


Puffer Jacket

3 colors available

Instead of: Classic leggings

Try: Flared leggings (read: yoga pants)

Those of us who went to high school in the late aughts all probably had a few heart palpitations when we saw that “flared leggings” (yes, yoga pants) were back this winter, but since the initial shock has subsided, we’re ready to give our old friends a spot in our closets again.

Don’t think of flared leggings as you wore them with your Ugg slippers and hoodies for class back in the day. Now, they are free of the fold-over waist (that probably said PINK on it in bedazzled letters) and are a thinner, more legging-like material. It turns out that they can feel more flattering than our classic leggings and are a nice change for our loungewear looks.

Instead of: Faux-leather leggings

Try: Faux-leather pants

Our beloved faux-leather leggings will always have a spot in our closets, but in 2021, we’re trying something a bit bolder in the form of faux-leather pants.

Since we’re talking about faux leather here, the pant options are much more comfortable than you’d assume (with quite a bit of give) and are perfect for pairing with basic sweaters and coats you’d normally wear in the winter.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Vegan Leather Dad Pants

2 colors available


Faux Leather Pants

2 colors available

Instead of: Long cardigans

Try: Cropped cardigans

There’s really no sweater we’d ever write off completely, but we’re giving our long cardigans a little break this winter in exchange for their shorter counterparts. With anything from jeans to leggings, they have a trendier effect that gives an outfit a bit more fun than a long cardigan does.


Cropped Cardigan

3 colors available


Waller Crop Cardigan

2 colors available


Cable-Knit Cardigan

2 colors available


Cable-Knit Mockneck Cardigan

3 colors available

Instead of: Layered necklaces

Try: Bracelets

No, we’re not saying you should pack up your layered necklaces, but we are urging you to try a new way of accessorizing in the form of the most overlooked piece of jewelry: bracelets.

Bracelets are seldom talked about, but with the incredible ones that have been released in 2021, they’re an opportunity to accessorize in a whole new way.