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What to Stream Tonight, Based On Your Friday Night Vibe

from rom-com's to horror, we're matching every energy
Source: @abbottelemabc
Source: @abbottelemabc

Don’t get me wrong, I love a crazy night out on the town as much as the next gal does—but there’s just something oh so lovely about staying at home with some takeout and wine that can truly heal the soul. With this choice, however, comes the crippling debate we know all too well: what to stream to add the cherry on top to your cozy night. Maybe rewatching the entirety of New Girl for the third time this year just isn’t cutting it as reason enough to retreat to your sofa rather than the bar on Friday night anymore. Your night in needs are bound to change, you know? 

Since there’s no defeat quite like blankly staring at your TV after reading 33 blurb descriptions and watching 17 trailers with no promising prospects for the occasion, we’ve rounded up the widest range of movies and shows that’ll make choosing what to stream easier than ever. Crying? Got it. Want to laugh? We’re three steps ahead of you. So get comfy, assess the vibes, and get to watching. 



Girls Night In


Broad City

What to stream on: Hulu

If there’s any TV show that has almost made me pee my pants from laughing so hard, it’s this one—no joke. Broad City follows best friends Ilana and Abbi throughout their daily lives in New York City, and they’re somehow able to make the smallest, most mundane experiences hysterically entertaining. There’s no doubt you’ll be turning to your friends and saying, “That’s so us” the whole time you’re watching. 


Girls Trip

What to stream on: Prime Video

There’s arguably no better movie for a night on the couch with your favorite ladies. This comedic-gold-tier movie tells the story of four best friends known as the “Flossy Posse” who decide to reunite by heading down to New Orleans for a weekend full of dancing, drinking, romancing, and yes—even brawling. By the time it’s over, your evening of snacking and gossip will definitely turn into a frenzy of looking at flights and Air BnB’s to start planning a girls trip of your own.


Looking to Laugh


Abbott Elementary

What to stream on: Hulu

Queen Quinta Brunson absolutely ate while creating this show and left no crumbs. This documentary style show (hot take: think The Office, but way funnier) records the lives of a group of lovable and hilarious teachers working in an underfunded, mismanaged elementary school in Philadelphia. It’s an easy watch  in the best way possible, and you’re guaranteed to keep watching episode after episode until you realize you’re suddenly a whole season deep in no time (speaking from personal experience). 


Middleditch and Schwartz

What to stream on: Netflix

If you’re in the market for something a little different than what you might usually watch, look no further. Middleditch and Schwartz consists of three comedy specials done by these two stand-up comedian besties, but it’s not just your average improv show: it’s only them, completely on their own, doing an hour long improvisational sketch based solely off of one short anecdote given by a random audience member. Look, I know improv is not everyone’s ideal type of show, but trust me on this one—you’re gonna wanna watch it. 


Need a Good Cry


Beautiful Boy

What to stream on: Prime Video

The first time I watched this movie, I was on a Delta flight and was crying so aggressively that a flight attendant brought me tissues without me even asking. Based on a true story, it follows the life of Nicolas Sheff, a teenage boy who seems to be living the ideal life until his addiction to  meth threatens to destroy him, and his father, David, does whatever he can to save him and their family. The film flawlessly depicts a topic that’s incredibly difficult to accurately and empathetically portray, and Nic and David’s relationship is heartbreakingly beautiful to watch. Get the tissues, ladies. 


Portrait of a Lady on Fire

What to stream on: Hulu

As told through the memory of a forbidden love story, if you don’t at least get teary eyed while watching this film, you are not to be trusted. Just kidding (kind of)! In 1770, and artist named Marianne is commissioned to paint a wedding portrait of a willful young woman, Héloïse. After days of casual painting hang-outs with subtle flirting, they fall for one another, and the way in which their intimate connection plays out tugs at the heart strings like no other.


Wanna Be Spooked


Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

What to stream on: Netflix

I’ve dabbled in my fair share of true-crime docs, and this one truly had my jaw on the floor by the time it was finished. The docu-series investigates the mysterious death of Eliza Lam during her stay at the notoriously dark Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, and to this day, no one is quite sure exactly what happened. It’s bone-chilling, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and in my opinion, pairs great with multiple glasses of wine.  



What to stream on: Prime Video

You know the type of scared when you’re plugging your ears, half shutting your eyes, and feel like you could involuntarily let out a little girl-esque shriek at any second? That was me for the entire hour and fifty minutes of this film. True-crime writer Ellison Oswald discovers a box of film in his new home that documents the murders of multiple families, and he’s determined to solve the mystery in order to produce a best-selling novel. But, when the footage and other clues suggest a supernatural presence having something to do with it, it becomes very clear that living in this house is a fatal mistake. I’m sweating just thinking about seeing it again. 


Mother-Daughter Moment


Good Girls

What to stream on: Netflix

If you think Gilmore Girls is the best show ever to watch with your mother, think again. Imagine if after she dropped you off at soccer practice as a kid, your mom went to rob banks like it was as casual an errand as going to the grocery store—that’s Good Girls in a nutshell. The series follows three suburban mothers who are having a hard time trying to make ends meet, and decide to turn to petty crime as a solution, but quickly find themselves in a situation much stickier than expected. It’s hilarious, dramatic, and a perfect depiction of the lengths moms will go to help and protect their children.


Lady Bird

What to stream on: Hulu

This A24 film was released nearly five years ago, and I’m quite frankly still not over it. No, not because of Timothee Chalamet’s annoyingly hot character, or it’s freakishly accurate portrayal of cringe high school theater productions. It’s the nostalgically realistic depiction of what a mother-daughter relationship truly is, with all it’s complexities being difficult to navigate, but managing to signify true unconditional love, that keeps bringing me back to it. If there’s anything in the whole entire world that I could recommend to watch with your mom, it’s hands down this Greta Gerwig masterpiece. 


Love Is In The Air


About Time

What to stream on: Hulu

I never thought I’d say my favorite romantic comedy revolves around a sci-fi concept, but here we are. This violently underrated film tells the story of Tim Lake, who finds out that even though he has the ability to go back in time and make every moment perfect (particularly with his girlfriend, Mary), this special power is not actually the shield from ordinary life that he thinks it can be. It’s heartwarming, thought-provoking, and like any good rom-com should, makes you wonder where on Earth your very own Tim is. 



What to stream on: Prime Video

Okay, maybe this show isn’t the typical pick for a love-is-in-the-air vibe, but I’m a firm believer that if you approach your watching with this idea in mind, it can give insight to what I think is the show’s true meaning and intention. A very dry-witted woman living in London has absolutely no filter as she navigates life, coping with tragedy, and love—both romantically, and of herself. I’ve rewatched this show at least seven times (no shame), and I can confidently say you’ll be glued to your couch laughing, crying, and relating to every feeling in between. 


Want a Thrill


Money Heist

What to stream on: Netflix

Also known as La Casa De Papel, this beloved Spanish drama is the literal definition of a nail-biter. A group of rag-tag criminals with a plethora of different specialties are brought together by a mastermind known as The Professor to pull off the largest, most elaborate bank heist in history, and the way in which they do is nothing short of pure genius. I’ve literally never a watched show or movie like it, and your night-in viewing party will most likely turn into an early morning hangout, as it’s impossible to turn off with each episode being consistently more drama-filled and gasp-inducing than the last.


The Blacklist

What to stream on: Netflix

If you’ve already made your way through the classics like Criminal Minds and Law & Order, this is your next best move. When a a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after managing to hide for decades, he offers to give tips and answers regarding the whereabouts of America’s most wanted individuals, but under one condition: he will only speak to one specific agent, Elizabeth Keen— and nobody quite knows why. The pure excitement and plot-twists through the whole series will single-handedly keep you give up a night at home ever again.