Where to Buy Washable Face Masks

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Source: Etsy

Prior to 2020, most of us probably hadn’t had much experience with face masks. The kind you put on your skin? Absolutely. But facial coverings to prevent the spread of illness? Not so much.

By now, the use of masks is commonplace. While those of us who have been fully vaccinated may have gotten a few-month break from them, the spread of the new delta variant of the coronavirus means that we may be regressing back to a masked life in the near future (they’re already required indoors again in places like LA County). If you’ve already tossed your masks in hopes that you’d never see them again, or if you just need some new ones to spice up the experience, we’ve got you covered with these in-stock options:



Cotton Face Mask

7 colors available


Satin Face Mask

24 colors available


Assorted Adjustable Face Masks

5 colors available


Everyday Face Masks

4 colors available

Banana Republic

Contour Face Mask

4 colors available


Seamless Face Mask

5 colors available


Silk Face Masks

3 colors available

Hang Accessories

Satin Face Mask

Ruched Face Mask


4 colors available