8 Solo Date Ideas That Will Help You Romanticize Winter

written by EMMA GINSBERG
Source: @kristina-kozlova | Pexels
Source: @kristina-kozlova | Pexels

Winter has a way of incessantly reminding single people that they are… well, single. With the holidays behind us, we thankfully don’t have to hear the constant loop of songs that romanticize how wonderful it is to spend the season with a significant other, but just when we think we’re getting a break, the whole production that is Valentine’s Day arrives, leading us to believe that every possible fun thing to do during cold-weather months requires a plus one. However, as an introvert with Seasonal Affective Disorder who has been cuffed for one singular winter in her entire life, I’ll be the first to say that this season is actually all about romancing yourself. After all, no one knows you quite like you do, so whether you decide to buy yourself a cutie little present for Valentine’s Day, take some time for extra self-care, or just enjoy your own company through solo date ideas, there are so many ways to treat yourself well during the colder months.

We all deserve to spend some quality time with the person who has always shown up for us: ourselves. Consider this your reminder that enjoying the winter months doesn’t need to be done mitten-in-mitten; you can have just as much fun solo in the snow. Here are eight solo date ideas for the wintertime that will ensure you look back on a season full of wonderful memories.

1. Take yourself ice skating

This is that classic winter activity that you always picture doing with a partner, but instead, why not do it yourself? No matter where you are, it’s likely that there’s a skating rink somewhere near you that you have yet to take full advantage of. Bundle up in your cutest winter accessories and enjoy the sheer physical activity of ice skating on a chilly afternoon. Personally, none of my pals have expressed interest in going ice skating with me this year, but I will be going, so I’m excited to circle the rink solo and end the day by treating myself to a cup of hot cocoa.

2. Take a hot girl walk in the snow

If you live in a place where it does snow, you should be taking advantage of it! Whether taking a walk in the snow literally means strapping on a pair of snowshoes for you, or means strolling around city streets, getting out there in a winter wonderland at least once this year is definitely worth your while. It’s a great way to be the main character and romanticize your life while simultaneously getting in some good movement and outdoor time during the chilliest season. Throw on your favorite podcast, put on your favorite scarf, and get out there.

3. Make a meal with seasonal winter ingredients

Yes, summer and fall get all of the hype for delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, but you can still cook seasonally outside of harvest season. Fill your cart with root vegetables like potatoes, beets, and carrots, as well as cruciferous veggies, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Then, get creative in the kitchen and turn all of these ingredients into a delicious, wintery meal for one. Not only will eating seasonally make you feel physically great, but making a date out of cooking a seasonal meal makes a regular weeknight dinner much more fun. Light a candle, play your favorite tunes, and sip your favorite beverage to romanticize the night.

4. Go sledding

No, I’m not messing with you here. With all of this talk of healing your inner child, you might as well get out there and go sledding while it’s cold and snowy out! As long as you tell someone where you’re going and ensure that you have a decently safe sled, there’s no reason not to hit the sledding hills near you this winter. Even if you just get in a few runs, this is a great way to get some being-in-public-alone exposure therapy. Plus, it’s super fun, and will totally make you want to curl up in your house with a mug of hot chocolate immediately afterward.

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5. Spend a day reading in a coffee shop or library

I’ve spent many chilly winter weekend days curled up with a book, and that’s because it’s one of my favorite solo date ideas. Having a little extra time to do a classic introvert activity like reading is one of the highlights of winter, but the thing that can take this up a notch is simply taking your book to a location that is not your apartment. Head to a new cozy coffee shop or even to a library near you (you know, the one branch in your city that’s extra pretty inside) and just sit and read for a day. The best part? Low-cost (or completely free!) date ideas like this one can be on your regular rotation for how you choose to spend your self-care time this winter.

6. Go to a sex shop or lingerie store

Yes, you heard me right! Why should couples have all the fun during the sexiest month of the year (A.K.A. February)? In all seriousness, the sheer exposure therapy of going to a sex shop by yourself is reason enough to go. While it may be scary at the moment (especially if you’ve never been to one before), you’ll walk out the door feeling like the hottest, most mysterious girl on the planet. Purchasing something is not required for a solo date like this one—although getting yourself a little something sexy to tuck away in your nightstand is never a bad idea.

7. Go to a movie theater

When it comes to solo date ideas that you can do today without any prior planning, this is the perfect choice. Chances are that you might have at least one movie night blocked into your plan for the week, so why not make a true date out of it and take yourself to an actual movie theater? This solo date is extra satisfying in the wintertime since it’s a respite from the chilly weather. Plus, some of the best movies of the year come out around the holidays, so there’s bound to be something in theaters worth taking yourself on a solo date to go see. Get yourself your favorite movie theatre treats and enjoy an hour and a half of peace.

8. Take yourself to a fancy dinner

If everyone who’s in a relationship is hitting up fancy restaurants on Valentine’s Day, why shouldn’t you? Sure, going out all alone on Valentine’s Day to a nice dinner might be a bit of an intense experience (making reservations that day is a nightmare in and of itself), but thankfully, you have all season to check this one off of your bucket list. Make a reservation, order yourself a nice drink, and get dressed up in an outfit that makes you feel good. Act as if it is a special occasion, and it will be even more enjoyable.