The Most Diverse Piece to Add to Your Wardrobe

When I think of the color I have in my wardrobe, one undoubtedly shows up the least (if it all): yellow.

Wearing yellow sounds scary. It’s bright and can be abrasive and generally unflattering, but just when we thought 2020 had revealed all the surprises it could possibly store for the year, it gave us one more: yellow being the color of the summer. Luckily, I’m not talking about neon yellow or anything that’s going to leave you feeling like Big Bird; I’m talking pale, sunny hues that fit summertime better than just about any other shade.


Source: @astyledmind





One piece that we’re seeing just about every brand coming out with in every shape and silhouette available? Light yellow summer dresses—and they might be just the piece your wardrobe is missing. Adding one of these dresses to your arsenal will give you something to wear for every date, barbecue, and every event in-between that your summer has to offer. If you’ve been searching for a perfect summer staple, look no further than these.




How to Wear It