20 Shows to Watch to Get You in the Mood


This might be an extremely personal and non-HR-friendly thing to write at work, but alas, I am doing it: I would describe myself as someone who turns on pretty easily. I vividly remember the first time I felt horny, and it was watching an episode of Degrassi, which to be fair to myself, is quite the steamy show. But ever since, I’m painfully aware that basically anything with a hint of sex can get me excited. Heck, it doesn’t even have to have sex; just the simple “vibe” of sex is enough for me. So, did you expect me to not exploit it for writing material? 

We already talked about all the required reading to get you in the mood, but what about the viewing? We already spend a big chunk of our time in front of the TV again, why not make it sexy? These are the shows that get me riled up just enough to get me excited by the time bedtime rolls around (except #20, which is almost too sexy for me, TBH).  Add these shows to your queue to get your mind thinking about better times in the bedroom. 


1. Game of Thrones, HBO

I am still seething at the fact that I shipped Brienne and Jamie for like five seasons and got one measly sex scene out of it, but alas, I’ll take it. 


2. Insecure, HBO

I could sit here and talk about the absolutely gorgeous men throughout this show, but I mean, Issa Rae is really why I watch this.


3. Sex Education, Netflix

This is a high school show, but the casual discussion of sex throughout literally the whole thing just does it for me.


4. Killing Eve, Hulu

Tell me you weren’t turned on watching Villanelle in the red suit. Or the end of season one. Or with the pink tulle dress. Or when she’s in the bathtub. Villanelle is basically my sexual awakening.


5. Casual, Hulu

Literally a show about casual sex. What else could you want?


6. Hollywood, Netflix

Lots of hot people + LGBTQ rep + sex-worker rep = a happy night with my vibrator.


7. Normal People, Hulu

Connell very well might be the man of 2020, and we’ll gladly watch this sexy show over and over again until the end of time.


8. The L Word, Netflix

A classic I’d recommend to anyone for both the drama and the glorious sex scenes. This trailer is from the ancient times of 2004, so let me just say it’s about an ensemble of lesbian and bisexual women through their relationships, careers, sex lives, and more. 


9. Jamestown, Prime Video

This is a bit of a slow burn, but 🔥🔥🔥 /5 if you’re a fan of a solid period piece.

10. Ramy, Hulu

Another one with just absolutely fantastic steamy scenes.


11. All American, Netflix

I’m going to be honest: I just put this on this list because every single person in this show is hot. It is all high school and football and Friday Night Lights but better. 


12. Younger, Hulu

The love triangle in this show is so good that I lie awake at night wondering who I want Liza to end up with in the end. Plus, the sex is so good, they break the bed. 


13. Riverdale, Netflix

I questioned whether it was allowed to find a teen show sexy, but all of the actors are adults and our other editors agreed: Riverdale is hot. 


14. Outlander, Netflix

Basically all they do in this show is have sex and speak in great accents, so please order this vibrator before you start. 


15. Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix

The steam levels are high with this one.


16. High Fidelity, Hulu

Zoe Kravitz. That’s all. 


17. Good Girls, Hulu

The sexual tension is so high in this show that you’ll honestly feel the sexual frustration in your bones. Not to mention again, super hot actors from start to finish.


18. Supernatural, Netflix

There is little-to-no sex in this show, but still somehow, it does it for me. I’m a Dean girl through and through.


19. Peaky Blinders, Netflix

It’s all about the vibes of this one. It’s just dark and intense, and somehow in my little disturbed brain, that reads sex!


20. Succession, HBO

This is one of the hottest shows I’ve ever watched. First of all, cousin Greg. Two, I have a weird attraction to Kendall Roy; I can’t explain it. When he rapped? I cringed but also kinda was into it. Three, Shiv. Honestly, Shiv might even be number one. Those power suits? I would love to go on. Please, I am begging you, watch this show.