8 Sex Toys So Mind-Blowing, You’ll Want to Gift One to Your BFF

It’s a common fact that I’m an astounding gift-giver. I’m really attentive to people’s tastes; when I shop, I can see exactly what I think my friends and family would adore. But I’m rarely asked about my favorite gift I’ve ever received, which is maybe lucky because the answer is 100 percent a vibrator. 

Buying yourself a vibrator is a self-care choice, but buying one for your best friend is the sign of true companionship. The first step to de-stigmatizing sex for women (stream “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, people) and using sex toys, whether alone or with a partner, starts with you. Show your friends that sex toys are fun and exciting and not something they should be afraid of. So whether you’re introducing your friend to the vast world of vibrators or surprising them with a little something to brighten their day (or night, or mid-afternoon, or lunch break—we don’t judge), these sex toys will do it. Friends don’t let friends use crusty old vibrators from boyfriends past, so be a true friend with one of these magical treats.


Nasty Gal

Mini G-Spot Vibrator

HELLO, WORLD. I would like to introduce you to my newest discovery: Nasty Gal (yes, one of our favorite retailers for clothes) sells sex toys. *cue my happy dance* Grabbing yourself a new blazer or loungewear set for the fall? Add this little vibe with it (and maybe grab one for yourself too). This G-spot vibrator is biodegradable (love) and has multiple speeds. But I really should only have to say it's currently on sale for $12...


Joy Rabbit Vibrator

First of all, I want to shoutout Rodeoh, a line made by and for women with a focus on comfortable harnesses, particularly for queer women. It's the most LGBTQ+-friendly site I've found for sex toys, lingerie, harnesses, dildos, and more. I also have to mention I love that they offer plus-size harnesses too! But onto what you came for: this rabbit vibrator is designed for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, has 12 speeds, and is quiet and waterproof. Your BFF will love the vibe, but love the brand even better.

Nasty Gal

Bodystar Vibrator

Another vibrator obsession I found on Nasty Gal, this little star is perfect for the friend who's just getting into sex toys but is a little afraid to dive into some of the others on this list (but by all means, get her the butt plug too if that's the kind of friend you are—it's the kind of friend I am).


Massage Wand Vibrator

A classic wand vibe should be on everyone's wishlist, so why not surprise your BFF with it? There's a reason a wand vibe like this is the muse of art, music, comedy, and more: it's outrageous and extremely effective. For the most intense clitoral orgasms, this will be your favorite.


Tenga Iroha Mini Vibrator

This vibrator lands on this list as an editor-favorite because it's so discreet. Not that we're traveling all the much anymore, but you'll love this to throw in your bag, whether you're jet-setting across the country or across town to see your partner. But don't let the small size fool you; it's ultra-powerful and waterproof.


Beginner's Butt Plug

Invite your friend into the land of sunshine, rainbows, and anal play with a beginner's butt plug like this. It's pink, non-threatening, and easy to use. Add in a little bit of lube (our favorite is below!), and she's about to have a grand ole time.


Pride Heart of Gold Dildo

Show your BFF the magic of a dildo! Many of us can only picture what a dildo looks like, and it’s usually a little jarring if not uncomfortable for some. But there are non-realistic dildos out there that are perfect to use alone or with a partner.


The Sex Gel

If you're a little unsure about giving your BFF a toy, a sophisticated, vanity-friendly lube like this one makes the cut for sure. Nécessaire has taken over our Instagram feeds with their chic body washes and lotions, but my favorite product in their line is this lubricant. It takes the shame and stress out of lube and instead makes it a whole nightstand moment. It's a water-based lube that works with all of the toys above, during sex, or whatever the heck you're into. Add it to your next Nordstrom order, and thank me later.