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I Can’t Stop Talking About Anne Hathaway’s Glow—This Is How She Gets It

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There’s something voyeuristically satisfying about separating fact from Hollywood wellness fiction. And there’s nothing more fun than diving deep into the health trend du jour. But in a world where celebs swear by cold plunges, celery juice, and colonics, it’s refreshing to see a star reap the benefits of a simple wellness routineOf course, I’m talking about Anne Hathaway. Yes, in always-relevant news, Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia gets glowier year after year—and still manages to resemble her 2006 self in look-alike Devil Wears Prada outfits

Thanks to a particularly revealing interview with her trainer, Don Saladino, and the hints she’s dropped about how she seems to age in reverse, I walked away from my research with a clearer understanding of the not-so-magical magic of Hathaway’s look. Keep reading to learn how Hathaway has managed to fall in love with fitness, keep her energy high, and embrace an easygoing approach to  feeling and looking her best.



1. She makes SPF non-negotiable

Given our youth-obsessed culture, I’m not interested in perpetuating an anti-aging narrative for the sake of aesthetics alone (even Taylor Swift would rather we ditch the double-standard allure of the “sexy baby”). Hathaway voiced similar feelings in an interview with The Sun. In it, she spoke more at length about her commitment to keeping the sun’s harmful rays at bay. She also cited her grandmother’s battle with skin cancer as motivation to apply (and reapply) the SPF. And given Hathaway’s Irish and French ancestry, her mother always emphasized the importance of protecting her lighter complexion. In a 2019 Allure profile, she called Actinica’s SUN Protection Anti-Aging & Non-Melanoma Lotion her go-to. Bonus: Reviewers call it “very moisturizing” and are obsessed with their resulting dewy glow.

But Hathaway doesn’t stop there. While the products we apply topically are a key component of skin health, she takes it a step further with an old school, yet effective approach: the humble umbrella. Especially on sunny days, you can find her hiding beneath the shade. While you might be tempted to skip over this admittedly cumbersome trick of the trade, know that umbrellas can block a significant percentage of ultraviolet light—at least 90 percent of rays if you opt for black. 


2. She stays hydrated

Hathaway swears perpetual glow is more often the result of easy, accessible habits than sexy treatments and trends (though she is partial to the occasional $450 ‘red carpet facial’ from celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn). Like her commitment to sunscreen, she’s a hydration enthusiast. Along with the many benefits of staying hydrated we all know well—promotes healthy digestion, boosts energy, and protects our joints—drinking enough water help maintain a healthy complexion. 

Though I find most buzzy wellness practices that tout detoxifying capabilities admittedly suspect, water will always be a solid healthy habit to lean on. While positioning regular hydration as a miracle cure is an overblown claim, research does show that severe dehydration can cause skin to lose its elasticity.



3. She expresses herself authentically

Trends come and go, but authenticity is forever (and, unfortunately, hard to come by). Hathaway knows this well and applies it not only to how she carries herself but also to her style and self-expression. According to TheThings Celebrity, when it comes to makeup, she emphasizes sticking with a tried-and-true moisturizer and applying it twice a day. As for her eyes—one of the key features she highlights in almost every look—she makes eyeliner the mainstay of her daily look. And when it comes to mascara, Hathaway opts for a lash-thickening pick—Lancôme Hypnôse Volumizing Mascara is her fave.

However, you can use all the best products and practice all the wellness rituals, but they’ll only go so far without a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. Hathaway is adamant about promoting self-compassion and kindness, and it’s one of the many reasons she’s our collective celeb crush. When she spoke about cyberbullying on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hathaway shared a quote that stuck with me for years: “If you don’t love yourself when someone says horrible things to you, part of you is always going to believe them.” BRB, adding that to my 2023 vision board immediately. Her words are proof that getting a healthy glow is a multifaceted effort. True beauty is the result of working on yourself from the inside out. 



4. She puts her mental health first

In an interview with The Chalkboard Mag, Hathaway’s trainer Don Saladino shared his philosophy behind an effective fitness routine. While you might jump to the conclusion that someone who’s trained the likes of Blake Lively, Emily Blunt, and Scarlett Johansson would favor a “no pain, no gain” approach, Saladino instead focuses on building resilience by promoting a positive mindset. When discussing how he helped Hathaway prepare for her role in WeCrashed (the miniseries tracking WeWork’s rise and fall), Saladino emphasized the importance of taking mental and emotional inventory to get a clearer understanding of how you’re showing up to your workout. Bottom line: He helps Hathaway find joy in every workout. 

Strength training is at the core of their sessions together, and before you write it off in favor of cardio-heavy workouts, let’s review the benefits. Strength training not only tones the body, improves mobility, and boosts metabolic rate, but it can also build confidence and be an empowering way to help you take up space. If you’re looking to recreate the seeming ease and joy that Hathaway steps into every day with, 2023 might need to be the year you make strength conditioning your thing (oh, and it doesn’t hurt to find your power color either).


5. She focuses on feeling good

With the prevalence of Instagram and TikTok pointing to our society’s ever-growing obsession with appearance, it’s no surprise we fixate on the end goal. But when it comes to developing Hathaway’s workouts, Saladino wants to make one thing clear: For anything to be effective, you have to pay attention to the process. Rather than prioritizing weight loss or designing a results-oriented routine, Saladino is all about functional fitness. In other words, he wants the work he does with Hathaway to help her feel better in her day-to-day life. “My goal is for a client to leave after 45 minutes feeling better. Maintaining what I call ‘mood quality’ is of the utmost importance,” he told The Chalkboard Mag. That’s right, when it comes to committing to a workout routine or any wellness habit for that matter, self-compassion is key.