Knowing This About Your Zodiac Sign Is the Secret to Feeling Happier and More Confident

why is no one talking about this!?

If you know the basics of astrology, you know that your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your personality traits or who you’re most compatible with. Whether you’re a secret-keeping Scorpio, adventure-seeking Sagittarius, or initiative-taking Capricorn, there’s no denying the insight the stars can give into our truest selves. But did you know that each star sign has a color associated with it? And by tapping into your sign’s specific hue, you can level up your best qualities, self-awareness, and confidence. “Representing the zodiac sign’s overall feel, certain colors can highlight the most powerful attributes of each sign,” explained Maria Hayes, an astrologer and tarot reader. “Knowing your zodiac color is crucial, as you can feed it to your subconscious energy, further bolstering your inner talents.” Bottom line: Wearing your color can empower you to live your best, happiest life. 

But there’s more good news: Not only can you harness your power color through what you wear, but also via your decor style and wellness practices. So take this as a sign to go paint the town [insert your color]. Read on to find out which color is best for your zodiac sign and how to bring out its good vibes for optimal energy, abundance, confidence, or happiness–straight from astrology experts.

How do I harness my zodiac sign’s color?

Lucky for us, there’s no special formula for activating the energy of the colors written in the stars for our signs. Whether you decide to go the fashion or decor route, you can’t go wrong. “Wearing your power color through clothes, accessories, makeup, and nail polish is a classic choice to channel your sign’s innate energy, but there are many other options, especially for those days when you just can’t get away with wearing bright blue eyeshadow,” said Charlotte Kirsten, a psychotherapist and master astrologer. Kirsten also suggested surrounding yourself with your power color in your home with objects like wall art, flowers, cushions, curtains, or books to help welcome and absorb your sign’s positive energy. 

Amy Zerner, an astrologer and author of Astrology for Wellness and Mindful Astrology, recommended further channeling your power color through meditation. “Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths, and stare at an object in the color,” she described. “Breathe in the color until you can feel it deep inside of you. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel as if you need to bring healing, happiness, prosperity, or any other good thing into your life.” Sound intriguing? Kirsten breaks down each sign’s inner color below:

Your Power Color


Red reflects Aries’ bold and brazen nature and amplifies their natural courage, desire for adventure, and reverence for life. This headstrong ram loves nothing more than being in charge of their own destiny! Ruled by the fearless and feisty planet of Mars (AKA the Red Planet), Aries are strong initiative takers and aren’t afraid to make risky decisions in pursuit of true freedom.


Being an Earth sign, it’s no surprise that the color of nature—green—reflects Taurus’ down-to-earth and practical side. It’s no coincidence that green is also the color of money, wealth, and financial security, which fits this luxury-loving bull sign and its affinity for being pampered and the finer things in life. Green helps Taureans channel their innate prosperity and natural gift for creating and attracting abundance.


The inspiring and life-giving yellow reflects Gemini’s childlike wisdom and curiosity. Yellow, the world’s happiest color, helps the dualistic twins learn new things, channel their intellect and mental prowess, and keep their spirits high even on the darkest of days. 


Ruled by the silver-hued Moon, the comfort-seeking crab is deeply in tune with its motherly, caring instincts. Silver not only reflects Cancers’ calmness, serenity, and higher spiritual self, but it also helps them connect with their intuition and effortlessly pick up on the energies in a room. Tied to many mythological stories and tales, the color silver also acts as a guard, helping Cancers ward off evil spirits and malice.

Orange or Gold

Lively and vivacious, Leo knows exactly what it takes to be the life of the party. These lovable lions channel their warm, friendly, and infectious energy to inject spontaneous fun into any situation. Ruled by the luminary sun, Leos are incredibly outgoing and aren’t afraid to give new experiences a whirl. Orange and gold help Leos channel their inner confidence, reveal their true selves, and show off their warm and generous nature.


An earthy, life-giving color, brown reflects Virgo’s practical, grounded, and systematic approach to life. This analytical and data-driven sign prides itself on its ability to act independently and the color brown aids in fulfilling that goal. Virgos can use brown as a symbol of personal growth, helping them work through even the toughest of problems, obstacles, and challenges. 


Pink reflects Libra’s delicate and soft, yet charming nature. Obsessed with beauty and symmetry, Libras are the true aesthetes of the zodiac. They adore fine art, intellectualism, and nurturing deep bonds with others, and pink helps them tip the scales in their favor. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras can use pink as a way to strengthen relationships, promote self-love and compassion, and even enhance their diplomatic skills to solve conflicts in the lives of others.


Black represents Scorpio’s powerful, demanding, and mysterious aura. Ruled by shadowy Pluto, the color black helps Scorpios build deep and soulful relationships with those around them, bringing out their passionate side. It also has a guarding and grounding effect for this water sign, aiding it in an emotional and physical rebirth after times of disaster or upset.


Engaging and inspiring, this wanderlust-driven sign is known for its freedom-seeking and independent nature, and purple only enhances it. A symbol of elegance, royalty, and scholarship, purple helps Sagittariuses tap into their creative energy, allowing their most brilliant ideas to shine! It drives them to venture into a journey of self-discovery and continuously seek new horizons. 


The epitome of responsibility, this hard-working and pragmatic Earth sign knows exactly what it takes to become self-sufficient in this world, and grey only serves to bolster this energy. Grey enhances Capricorn’s logic, traditionalist views, and utmost determination. Some may say it’s a boring color, but sometimes it’s the boring, nitty-gritty tasks that get us to where we want and that’s exactly the energy that grey brings into a Capricorn’s life. 


Aquarius has a rebellious streak running through their veins, both in action and thought, and blue allows the sign to tap into its imaginative and free-spirited personality with ease. Whenever they feel their innovative side is stifled, Aquariuses can tap into their power color to release creativity and new ideas. Blue helps this eccentric air sign thrive on individuality and uniqueness, allowing them to march to the beat of their own drum.

Aquamarine or Light Green

Ruled by dreamy Neptune, the god of the sea, this visionary fish derives its energy from its deeply felt emotions. Aquamarine enables Pisces to tap into their sensitive, intuitive, and deeply imaginative self. Pisces should especially embrace light green when they need the courage to go after what their heart desires.