It’s Day 1 of the Astrological New Year—Here’s What You Can Expect

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

Spring is the season of new beginnings. It’s when flowers start to bloom and the world comes to life after months of cold, dreary winter days. In every way that counts, spring is a fresh start—so it makes perfect sense that it also marks the astrological new year. The best part? If your 2023 resolutions had a bit of a false start, now is the perfect time to revisit those goals, make new ones, and, if you need to, start over with a fresh perspective and commitment. Never heard of the astrological new year? Well, get ready to take notes because we’ve got all the info you need and how you can make the most of it below. 


What is the astrological new year?

Obviously, the new year that most people think of happens in January, but when it comes to astrology, it doesn’t start until March. Just like with the calendar new year, this is an ideal time to make resolutions and to think about what you want to accomplish or change during this upcoming year. And there’s a new moon in Aries the day following the astrological new year, making it an even more perfect time to set intentions so you can have the best year ever.


When is the astrological new year?

The beginning of a new cycle happens every year during Aries season. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries kicks things off for a brand new astrological year. Picture the zodiac wheel with the signs in order—Aries is first, and Pisces is last. So when we make it through each zodiac sign, ending with Pisces, we’ve completed the full circle and are starting over. Kind of like how when we reach December, we’ve gone through each month and begin again with January. Pisces feels sleepy and dreamy, so bold, loud Aries acts as a bit of a wake-up call, ushering us into a new cycle.

Aries season happens each year when the sun moves into the sign around March 21 (in 2023, it occurs on March 20). It’s fitting that the astrological year begins with Aries season because it also coincides with the Spring Equinox, aka the official start of spring. The arrival of a new season after long, cold, gray winter days marks a fresh start—the days grow longer, and flowers begin to bloom.


What will this astrological new year bring?

Each year has a few major astrological events that will shape the vibe of the year. In 2023, the big ones to watch out for are:

  • March 7: Saturn moves into Pisces (this already happened, but Saturn has been in Aquarius since 2020, so it’s still a big change for this year)
  • April 20: Aries/Libra eclipse series starts
  • May 16: Jupiter moves into Taurus
  • October 28: Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series ends

Another one is Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades happen pretty frequently (three to four times per year), so they’re not as important as some of the other major transits, but they can give you an idea of what to expect during the year. Mercury will go retrograde in earth signs in 2023, which means dealing with themes of money and finances, boundaries, and discipline.

(And of course, you know by now that to find out how these will impact you personally, check where they’re occurring in your birth chart.)


So how will this astrological new year affect you?

With Saturn moving into a different house in your birth chart, you’ll experience struggles and hard work in a new aspect of your life. For example, for Gemini risings, Saturn will shift from the ninth to the tenth house, bringing up themes of career and public image. And since Saturn spends about two to three years in a sign, you can expect to be focusing on things associated with that house for the next few years.

Saturn transiting into Pisces also means that everyone born between February 6, 1991, and May 21, 1993, just finished their Saturn return in Aquarius. So if you have Saturn in Pisces in your birth chart, buckle up—you’re just getting started with your return. While Saturn gets a bad rap, it’s not all doom and gloom, though. The planet takes its time, encouraging you to work on and think about things for the long run, rather than just doing what seems easiest at the time. Basically, it may seem hard now, but it’ll set you up for success in the future.

Similarly, the eclipses moving into Aries and Libra will bring major and unexpected changes to different houses in your chart. The main themes are independence, initiation, creativity, self-expression, and romance. And the signs most affected by the new eclipses are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. (The Taurus/Scorpio series had the greatest impact on Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.)

Jupiter is changing signs, too, and moving from Aries to Taurus. Jupiter is basically the opposite of Saturn. Instead of restricting and creating boundaries, it expands. On the flip side, Taurus is more grounded, so you might feel a bit of push and pull while Jupiter is in this sign.

So if you still feel like it’s January or you had a slow start to the year, you’re in luck. You can completely start over again with the beginning of Aries season and the Spring Equinox. And if anyone asks, you didn’t forget your resolutions—you were just waiting for the astrological new year.