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40 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Spring

Source: Pexels | Анастасия
Source: Pexels | Анастасия

I’ve always been one to look for the magic in life—those moments that sparkle and shine with the simple beauty that’s present all around us. I’m a romantic at heart, always searching for the beauty present in every day. To be clear, this perspective isn’t toxic positivity. Instead, it’s a quality of observation. Romanticizing your life, though it’s become a social media trend, is largely centered around finding joy, love, and peace within yourself. It’s the process of structuring not only your days and routines, but how you see the world so that you’re always putting yourself in the path of beauty. And what better time of year to begin practicing that than spring?

With the colder weather (mostly) behind us, it’s time to start celebrating the color, warmth, and vibrancy that come with the transition from winter to spring. I rounded up 50 of my favorite ways to romanticize your life this season below. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of spring and start soaking up the energy of every day.

1. Create a “morning moment.” Make the most of your morning wake-up call. Prep your beverage of choice, light your favorite candle, and spend five minutes with your new read. Wayyy better than rushing out the door, right?

2. While you’re at it, design your dream morning routine. Sure, you can let the “that girls” of the world inspire you, or you can make it entirely your own. What would bring you joy before getting into the workday? Actually do that, rather than the morning routine you think you’re supposed to have.

3. Transition your closet to spring. This is not only just a seasonal routine, but a way to romanticize your life. Think: Lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and high-quality linens, cotton, and denim. Whether you call it coastal grandma or Nancy-Meyers-chic, there’s something about dressing for spring that feels equal parts comfortable, chic, and romantic.

4. Update your mood board. Some people create annual vision boards, but I love letting mine shift with the seasons. Plus, you likely set resolutions at the beginning of the year and forgot about them; now’s the time to reset your intentions. Take the old-school approach and clip images from magazines or get your inspiration on Pinterest and create a digital version on Canva. 

5. Make a joy jar. Each week, write down one positive experience you had in the last seven days on a slip of paper. Put it in a jar, and at the end of the season, read each and reflect on how many joy snacks the season brought.

6. Spend intentional time with yourself. Some call it dating themselves, others might refer to it as main character energy, but I love the idea of designating a weekend morning, random afternoon, or an entire day to get to know yourself better. Grab coffee alone, take yourself out to dinner, or plan an entire day of your favorite activities. Remember: you can wine and dine yourself.

7. Buy yourself the flowers. Miley said it best—don’t wait for someone else to shower you with your favorite peonies or ranunculus. Go to Trader Joe’s, pick up a few bouquets, and DIY your own arrangement. After all, no one knows what you love like you.

8. Start an herb garden. There are plenty of tools and resources online to help you get started. The best part? You can make it as small or as big as you have space for. (Actually, the best part is garnishing your pizzas and pasta with fresh, home-grown herbs.)

9. Write letters. Whenever I break out my favorite stationary and pen a few love letters and notes of gratitude to friends and family, I instantly feel transported to a period drama. And that—coming from a Bridgerton lover—is never a bad thing.

10. Use the nice stuff. That bottle of wine you’ve been saving? The china gifted from your grandmother? The dress you’ve been keeping for a special occasion? Drink it, use it, wear it. Don’t wait for a perfect moment—that moment is now.

11. Swap in inspiring tech backgrounds. You know the ones.

12. Set the mood for dinner on a random weeknight. Turn down the lights, turn up your favorite vibey playlist, and make a meal just for you

13. Disconnect. Unplug from your socials, email, and phone altogether. Schedule an hour a day or one day a week where you’re totally without your tech.

14. Drive for the sake of driving. Is it just me, or is ‘taking a drive’ a totally underrated form of therapy? I’ve found that I can sort out so much by getting in my car and heading out without a destination in mind.

15. Upgrade your loungewear. Do you have a habit of falling asleep in your high school soccer shirt? Do you pull on any old pair of shorts and call it good? Invest in quality sleepwear. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it makes a difference.

16. Connect with yourself first. Before you grab your phone or speak to anyone in the morning, look inward. Whether that’s journaling, meditating, or simply sitting in the quiet for a few minutes, put your peace first.

17. Spring clean your sex routine. Ditch what feels stagnant, boring, or negative, and bring in something new that focuses fully on your pleasure. Let these spicy positions work their magic

18. Take a deep dive into astrology. Or human design. Or whatever resonates with you. These practices can be an inspiring reminder that there are forces outside of us supporting our journey.

19. Do our cleanse-your-life challenge. While it was for the entire month of March, you can start at any time, with the purpose being to get rid of what is no longer serving you and call in what does.

20. Shop for a meal in a small, specialty grocery store. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something so wonderful about exploring grocery stores abroad. You can get the same experience right at home by shopping at a specialty grocer. Make a meal around it—and yes, that meal can simply be good bread, good butter, and wine to round it out. 

21. Put some thought into your nightstand. No, it’s not a dumping ground for things you don’t want to put in their rightful place. If you’re tired of waking up to a chaotic mess, streamline things: your book, flowers, perhaps a lamp, and a glass of water. Notice how I didn’t write “phone.”

22. Make your junk drawer a wellness drawer. I did this a few months ago and it completely changed the game. Clear out your junk drawer and swap in all of your go-to wellness items: supplements, affirmation cards, your journal, etc. Trust me, it’ll spark way more joy.

23. Get snobby about your coffee or tea—and not in a bad way! What I mean is, know what you like and own it. Whether that’s French press, pour-over, or you prefer black tea over green. Taste test your way through all the warm beverages and connect with the one you love most. 

24. Update all your travel documents. Romantic girlies are prepared girlies. If your spring or summer travel involves a European vacay, it’s best to realize now (not at the gate) that your passport is expired.

25. Turn your 3 p.m. snack into teatime: a quick cucumber sandwich or a gorgeous spread of veggies feels a lot more romantic than a bag of chips. BTW, I’d like to suggest tinned fish. *Pause for shock* If you haven’t jumped on the tinned train yet, I love it with a baguette or seeded crackers. Adding a glass of rosé doesn’t hurt.

26. Own your orgasm—every day if you’d like.

27. Make infused water. Citrus slices, cucumbers, lemon, mint, strawberries—the possibilities are endless. If you’re making it a priority to drink more H20 this year, might as well make it spa-worthy.

28. Delete your unused apps and any unused subscriptions while you’re at it. It’s one small act that can go a long way in making your phone a greater source of joy.

29. Buy a new plant. Because it’s spring, and our spaces deserve a little green.

30. Practice positive self-talk. Write down a few positive affirmations or pull from a list to help you get started. Say your favorites in the mirror until they resonate and feel true. It may take a while, but that’s OK: this is a practice.

31. Find the movement you connect with. PSA: You don’t have to go to the gym if you hate it. The weather’s warming up—revamp your hot girl walk routine, toss a frisbee in the park with friends, or try a soft workout. That’s right: we’re done viewing exercise as punishment.

32. Ditch multitasking for good. In 2024 and beyond, we’re taking things one step at a time. Whoever thinks multitasking is a skill hasn’t experienced the true joy of entering a flow state.

33. Take your lunch break. No, a “break” doesn’t mean checking emails while shoveling down your salad. Turn off your computer and leave your phone at your desk. Take a walk, connect with a coworker, or enjoy the hour all to yourself. It’s your time, spend it how you want.

34. Find your signature scent. I never truly knew what perfume I preferred until I smelled Ouai’s Melrose Place. It takes a little experimenting, but the process is well worth finding the fragrance that makes you feel your best.

35. Look for hearts. I can’t remember the podcast I first learned this practice from, but it’s completely changed how I see the world. When I go on my walks and move throughout my days, I’m on the hunt for hearts. I light up when I see the child-drawn crafts in my neighbor’s window or the chalk art on the sidewalk on my way to grab a coffee. Get ready for your perspective to shift in profound ways.

36. Recommit to what you loved doing as a child. Whatever sparks joy in your life, follow that feeling.

37. Get sunlight first thing. It’s one of the most powerful ways to set your circadian rhythm and maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.

38. Make a mood-boosting playlist. Curate a vibe with all your favorite songs. Yes, early-aughts bangers absolutely count.

39. Create for you. I’ve found more joy in social media than ever by creating Reels that feel like a scrapbook—I’m not making them for anyone else but myself. They document my life in a way that I’m excited to look back on, capturing the moments and memories as they are. I’ll go as far as saying that I may love Instagram because of this new approach.

40. Create an after-work routine. Structure a routine that will help you transition from the workday to you time. Does that involve changing into your comfies? Lighting a candle? Turning on a playlist? Whatever resonates, make it your vibe. Are you reading or are you watching The Bachelor? What you do is up to you, but make it something that feels joyful.