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8 of the Best Vibrators for Beginners to Get Their Feet Wet


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Source: @cottonbro | Pexels
Source: @cottonbro | Pexels

Like Samantha Jones, I too consider myself a “try-sexual.” As long as all parties are comfortable and consenting, I’m willing to try anything once—but I wasn’t always this way, especially with sex toys. After all, the world of sex toys is vast. The endless amount of functions, types, and sizes to choose from is nothing short of overwhelming, but to then couple that with the task of learning how to use it? Forget about it. I used my first vibrator twice before discarding it forever. Looking back now, I realize that I started way too big, way too soon. Not only did this make me weary of vibrators, but it also cost me years of experiencing wonderful vibrator orgasms—something I absolutely do not want for other beginners out there.

For me, starting slow and easing into this world was key, so I set out to find the best vibrators for sex toy novices so anyone new to the wonderful world of vibrators can find their favorite much easier than I did. Ahead, eight vibrators that are the absolute best for beginners.


Despite the fact that I now personally review sex toys for a living, I still find myself occasionally intimidated by internal vibrators due to their sheer size. However, where the majority of internal vibes are long, large, and bulky, Poco is small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand thanks to the fact that it was modeled after our very first sex toys—AKA our fingers.

What’s more, using Poco is incredibly straightforward. Its main goal is to target and stimulate the G-spot, so you don’t have to mess around with multiple modes of stimulation internally and externally. Plus, it’s also completely customizable—you can bend Poco to fit your body perfectly and create your very own preset vibrations. And if you want to go hands-free during play, you can pair Poco with MysteryVibe’s SmartApp and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Woo More Play

While a lot of clitoral vibrators can be too intense for newbies, Woo’s external vibe has a chic beginner-friendly design. It has a heart-shaped handle for your fingers so you can get used to holding and handling a sex toy, and a body that gently curves across the contours of your majora, minora, and clitoris. The speeds range in intensity on a scale of 1-5, so you can start low and work your way up.

But that’s not all. This vibrator is also water-resistant, rechargeable, and comes with a cute travel case to boot. Plus, it’s safe to use with lube, and here at The Everygirl, lube is non-negotiable for any sort of play.

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Fingerlicious Vibe

If you’re used to masturbating with your fingers, swapping out your extremities for a sex toy can be awkward and difficult. Thankfully, Evolved’s Fingerlicious Vibe can help make the transition easier. This vibe slips comfortably over your finger to help you maintain that element of touch and sense of control, while the 10 vibrational patterns simply enhance finger play and help you get used to experiencing different sensations.

That said, because this is a mini vibe, it works best over your erogenous zones (think: nipples, clitoris, etc.) during masturbation or foreplay, and pairs beautifully with a water-based lube.

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Sila Cruise

Made for you to reach climax slowly, Sila Cruise is perfect for beginners who are looking to engage in healthy, sensual self-exploration. With a large mouth that goes over the clitoris, this vibe uses sonic waves to gently suction and pleasure all your nerve endings without ever making contact. This means you don’t have to worry about irritation or go from 0-100 right off the bat.

This vibrator also has a user-friendly design that makes play easier and more accessible as well as Cruise Control technology to deliver consistent pleasure.

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Playboy Pleasure
Arch G-Spot Vibrator

Remember the iconic Rabbit vibrator that captured Charlotte’s love and attention during a 1998 episode of Sex and the City? Arch is like that, but more beginner-friendly. Rabbit vibrators have an internal shaft to stimulate the G-spot and vaginal opening and an external arm to stimulate the clitoris so you can have a blended or multi-orgasmic experience. However, this dual-stimulation can admittedly be a lot for first-timers; not only can it be overwhelming all at once, but finding a comfortable position to place the Rabbit can also be tricky.

But Arch simplifies all of that. Unlike traditional Rabbits, it has a shorter, more gurthy, and flexible shaft that makes insertion and finding the G-spot easier, and uses rolling beads to stroke the clitoris for precise external stimulation.

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Tenuto 2

PSA: Bringing toys into the bedroom can seriously spice up your sex life. And Tenuto 2 is perfect for anyone in a mixed-gender relationship. This vibrating cock ring comfortably fits around the penis and flexes and adapts with it as it changes shape, while the four built-in motors simultaneously deliver powerful vibrations to the labia or clitoris. The fact that it delivers simultaneous pleasure means no one will feel left out, which will in turn make it easier to start playing with toys during sex.

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Touch X

Contrary to popular opinion, vibrators aren’t strictly for penetration. In truth, they’re great for foreplay and exploring your erogenous zones, and Touch X by We-Vibe can help you explore your body and get used to playing with a vibrator. This vibe is great for foreplay alone or with a partner, since it can lightly massage your erogenous zones, and can also be used for clitoral stimulation. The eight whisper-quiet intensity levels also give you plenty of options to work with, and if you want to up the ante, be sure to add a drop of water-based lube into the toy’s well for enhanced pleasure.

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The pleasure gap is real, but Eva was designed to help close it. A lot of vulva owners need dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation in order to get off during penetration, and while orgasms don’t automatically equate to better sex, they definitely don’t hurt either. So if you’re looking to experience more orgasms during intercourse, this hands-free vibe is the way to go.

Eva gently nestles in the vulva and lays on top of the clitoris, so you don’t have to hold her in place during play and has three low-intensity levels that won’t feel overbearing or unenjoyable for beginners.

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