Alyssa Grabinski

Contributing Fashion Writer
Alyssa is currently pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at Northwestern University. When not out reporting on stories for school, she is busy researching the newest fashion and beauty trends. Aside from The Everygirl, Alyssa has been featured in POPSUGAR and The Young Folks.
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Education: Northwestern University
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With skills in both editorial and video journalism, Alyssa aims to bring stories about fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment to life in new and unexpected ways. Having grown up in a world where fashion and pop culture were considered “gossip” or “not news,” she wants to change these stereotypes in every single story she writes or produces. Alyssa is passionate about showing people the impact that fashion and pop culture truly have on society. She loves talking to any and everyone, and she believes everyone has a story worth telling.


Ever since she was younger, Alyssa has been obsessed with all things fashion, beauty, and pop culture. Before graduating from the University of Arizona in May 2021, Alyssa began working toward a career where she could combine all of her passions. While in her undergraduate education, Alyssa created her own talk show where she was able to interview people in the modeling and entertainment industry, created her own entertainment and fashion magazine, “YUA: the ‘YSL’ of U of A,” and freelanced for POPSUGAR. She ultimately hopes to end up on the red carpet as a fashion reporter.

Fun Stuff

If Alyssa is not in class or out reporting on a story, she’s probably at the nearest Zara, Dunkin’ Donuts, or pilates studio. Or she’s watching a 2000s rom-com with a Colleen Hoover book by her side and her favorite KORA Organics face scrub on. Anyone want to join?!

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