Swipe Right: 10 Green Flags to Look Out for on Dating Apps

written by BETH GILLETTE
dating app green flags"
dating app green flags
Source: Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels
Source: Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels

As a serial dater, when prompted with what to look out for on a dating app, coming up with red flags is a piece of cake. Alternatively, coming up with what makes a profile great isn’t as easy, but it’s obviously all that makes you excited to meet someone. In an effort to give you the best dating app profile advice around, I did some swiping to figure out what makes a good bio, how to initiate conversation, and what inspires me to get to know someone. Consider these the dating app green flags you need to know:


1. They explicitly say what they’re looking for

Knowing from the get-go that someone wants something casual or if they’re trying to find their soulmate takes a lot of guesswork out of the dating equation. Then, you don’t waste your time (or theirs!) with someone who wants something that you’re not looking for.


2. Their photos show what they like to do versus just selfies

There’s nothing wrong with a few selfies on your profile (Lord knows that I have at least three), but when it’s all selfies, that gets a little redundant. It’s nice to see a profile that has a variety of photos: with friends or family, participating in hobbies, on a trip somewhere, etc. IMO, the more photos, the merrier.


3. They have a unique opener

Taking the extra time to come up with a fun opener versus just saying “hi!” makes you stand out and shows that you’re OK opening up to others. Finding a good Bumble opener is hard work, so I appreciate someone who puts the time in.


4. They make a plan to meet

Talking to someone for weeks on end with no plan in sight can make you feel like a texting partner rather than a potential date. But when someone makes a plan to meet (whether that’s in person or via Facetime) early on, it feels like you’re both in it to actually date, rather than just text forever. Bonus points if they ask to meet in a public place first.


5. They have an informative bio

Someone’s name, age, and occupation are the bare minimum requirements in a bio if you ask me. Dating apps are meant to help you meet people, so I appreciate it when there is more thought put into a bio and they include things like their interests or hobbies and what they want out of the app. A little bit more knowledge prior to exchanging hellos makes the dating process significantly easier.


6. They actually read your profile

I have received a ridiculous amount of messages from people who clearly didn’t read my profile. They will ask me questions that are already answered in my bio, and I’m just like… what are we doing here? So when it’s clear that someone actually read it, like when they follow up on something I mentioned in my profile, that’s a win in my book.


7. They’re positive

It’s awkward to see someone immediately go into the negative. “No cheaters!” “Not looking for drama!” But when their profile is filled with positivity—like everything they love to do, how much they love their job, and that they have an open mind and are excited to date—you’re so much more drawn to them. Instead of saying what you don’t want, a positive profile states what they DO want.


8. They state the social issues they care about

It’s good to know when we’re on the same page. Bumble has options to state the issues you care about, such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, and more, making this one extra easy. 


9. They link up to Spotify so you can see their music taste

You can learn a lot about someone through their Spotify which is why a linked-up Spotify is one of my favorite dating app green flags. EDM? Probably likes to party. The Lumineers? Probably enjoys going to coffee shops. Lots of obscure early ‘00s pop-punk? My kind of partner.


10. They’re actually smiling in their photos

Back to the positivity, having a few photos that show off your pearly whites just makes you look approachable and fun (versus a weird serious, selfie face over and over again). I need to be able to imagine what you’ll look like when I’m making you laugh all night!