Still Need Some Holiday Spirit? 12 Easy Decor Ideas You Can Replicate Last-Minute

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Although it’s already mid-December, it’s totally fair to not feel 100 percent in the holiday spirit—and you’re not alone if you feel that way. At this point, you might need a last-minute boost to get yourself in a festive mood (but hey, absolutely no judgment if you’ve decided to just skip out on the festivities this year). If you do want that extra boost, one of the easiest ways to do so is to add a bit of holiday decor to your space.

It’s not too late to add in a few seasonal touches that will make you smile and raise your spirits, whether that’s some faux greenery, candles, cozy textures, or a few mini trees. We’ve searched the internet for easy holiday decor ideas that you can take inspiration from, plus a few DIYs to try and some Amazon picks that can get to you in just a few days. Check it all out below:


1. DIY a few ornaments

Is your tree still looking a little bare? These fun DIY ornaments require only a few supplies, are quick to make, and will add a chic boho touch to your tree.


2. Hang wreaths on interior doors

Wreaths aren’t just for your front door—this holiday decor item can take any room from basic to festive in no time flat. Hang a few on doors throughout your home (like the door to the patio, pantry, bathroom, or even your cabinets!) for a seasonal accent that requires next to no effort. 


3. Wrap your gifts early

If you usually wait until Christmas Eve to frantically wrap all your gifts in one go, you might want to reconsider. By getting a head-start on wrapping now, you can use those pretty packages as holiday decor! Tuck them under the tree or create a stack near your entryway to take full advantage of a holiday task you were going to do anyway. 


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4. Put a few mini trees in your everyday spaces

This is my personal favorite way to decorate for the holidays. I have bottlebrush, wooden, glass, and gold trees in every nook and cranny of my apartment—and I don’t regret it a bit. This holiday decor idea is easy to replicate wherever you have a flat surface: on kitchen countertops, shelves, your dining table, furniture, and more.


5. Drape a garland around a window

There’s just something about a pine garland around a window that can make you feel like you just landed in a Nancy Meyers movie. Whether you go for real or faux, this simple touch is sure to boost your mood daily.


6. Swap in some extra cozy textures

One of the easiest ways to add seasonal touches to your home without going over the top is to swap out your throw blankets and pillows. Choose ones in fuzzy textures and patterns like plaid, faux fur, sherpa, and chunky knits for a cozy-chic vibe.


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7. Place sprigs of greenery in vases

Everyone has at least a few vases and other containers in their home that are either empty or filled with other faux greenery. Swap out your usual choices for a few festive seasonal sprigs (real or fake!) for a super simple touch that makes a big difference.


8. Print your own holiday art

Do you own a printer and a frame? Then this holiday DIY is for you. Simply purchase the downloadable sheet music of your choice from Etsy (or create a fun print of your own!) and place it in a fun gold frame for an easy-yet-festive swap.


9. Add a bit of faux greenery to your bedroom

Bedrooms tend to get the least amount of attention when it comes to holiday decor. But since it’s the last thing you see before you go to bed and the first when you wake up, your bedroom deserves a bit of seasonal spirit, too. Adding a few simple touches like a faux wreath and a small tree is a great way to do just that.


10. Add candlesticks to bring extra warmth to a room

If you want your home to feel warm and cozy but like to keep things neutral, gold candlesticks with white candles are a great addition to your space. Place some on your mantle, tables, or any other surfaces to add a cozy glow.


11. Create your own tassel tree

My family and I did this fun DIY together last year, and we all talked about how much we still loved them when we brought them back out for this season. This kind of DIY is relaxing and low-pressure because you can take the basic concept and make it your own.


12. A greenery swag

If you’re wondering what a holiday swag is, don’t worry, I was confused, too. A swag is a short, symmetrical holiday garland that you can place wherever you like. This would be a super fun DIY to do with fresh greenery from your local farmers market or grocery store. 


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